QR codes can star in films through QRmovie technology

QR Codes in commercials

Typically found on product packages and in magazine ads, now they can be animated and adaptive. There has been a great deal of controversy surrounding the use of QR codes, as some are used very well and effectively, while others have become annoying enough to cause many marketers to roll their eyes. The latest technology is breaking away from more standard uses of the barcodes. A new effort is now being made by a company based in Hamburg, Germany to try to make QR codes cool again. They are attempting…

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MIT announces release of NewsFlash using technology similar to QR codes

newsflash app mobile commerce

NewsFlash is designed for iPads and smartphones so that they can share data with light transmission similar to the process for QR codes. The Media Lab at MIT is always working on projects that are at the very cutting edge of technology, and most recently they have unveiled NewsFlash, which uses a new type of light transmission technology that can be compared to the way that mobile devices use QR codes. NewsFlash is a project that uses green and red light to allow iPad and mobile phone devices to share…

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QR codes and 3D projection mapping take the spotlight at the BizBash Expo

BizBash Expo & Awards 2012

QR codes took center stage at the BizBash Expo & Awards in Florida. The BizBash Expo & Awards, which were held at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center featured presentations about the most promising forms of technology, including QR codes and 3D projection mapping. At the heart of the expo were the presentations made by seven speakers on the topic of “Event Technology Revolution”, which discussed the ways in which technology is bringing about rapid changes in the event and meeting industry, and how important it is for planners to educate…

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