Mobile payments from Kuapay launched at fast food chains

Fast Food QR codes google glass

Diners at Taco Bell and KFC can now pay with their smartphones in Southern California. Fourteen new KFC and Taco Bell restaurants in the Los Angeles area are now offering customers the opportunity to use mobile payments to pay for their meals more quickly and conveniently. The platform has been provided by Kuapay to the Great American Chicken Corp (GACC). GACC is a franchisee that has more than 71 different Yum! Brands locations in the Los Angeles area, alone. Now, 14 of those locations will be making it easier for…

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QR codes can now be used for digital billing with proper guidelines

QR Code Report

NACHA has now come up with the bill payment standard that has been long awaited. NACHA – the Council for Electronic Billing and Payment (CEBP) at the Electronic Payments Association – has now unveiled the long awaited guidelines for using QR codes for bill payments purposes. This was a collaborative effort in order to allow companies to take this mobile step forward. It is only the most recent of NACHA’s efforts to continue to offer the industry for electronic payments a new cutting edge product in a way that has…

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QR codes central to Royal Canadian Mint’s challenge winner

QR Codes Mobile Payment System

MintWallet won the $50,000 prize with its Windows Phone app. The challenge created by the Royal Canadian Mint was designed in order to encourage the development of an app that will clearly illustrate the advantages of using digital funds over actual cash, and was met with a winner that used QR codes as the heart of its functionality. The winning app, called MintWallet, offers several digital cash transfer opportunities. Among those features are the ability to request money from another party or to send money. It is based on a…

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QR codes used by Garanti Bank in first Romanian mobile payments launch

Garanti Bank QR code mobile payments

Consumers in Romania will be able to complete purchase transactions with their smartphones. One of Romania’s most innovative and dynamic banks, Garanti Bank, has announced that it will be launching QR codes that will allow its customers to make purchases through mobile payments, using the technology and services of Seamless, a Swedish company. The new partnership between these two companies will bring about SEQR mobile payments. This service will be available to the Romanian market and will be based on QR codes. It is currently in the stage of a…

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