QR codes help mobile marketers to achieve a highly desirable goal

QR Codes used in mobile marketing campaigns

Feeding instant gratification is a need for any marketing strategy, and barcodes suit that perfectly. If there’s one thing that mobile marketers know about consumers, it’s that instant gratification is always a win, and it is now being discovered that QR codes are helping to meet that need. These barcodes come with a promise that something appealing will occur right away. This is the concept of instant gratification and it is one of the most effective forms of mobile marketing that can be achieved. It can be extremely useful when…

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QR codes worked into Central New York arts group project

QR Code mural by Central New York arts group

Lemp building design underscores the importance of art to the city’s economy. A mural featuring QR codes that direct scanners to a Central New York arts group is now displayed on the M. Lemp downtown Syracuse jewelry store located at South Warren and East Fayette Streets. The importance of the arts to the strength of the economy is beginning to be rediscovered. At a time when businesses of all sizes are experiencing significant struggles, after only just having started to recover from the last downturn, the creative impact of arts…

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