Hointer leverages QR codes to sell jeans

QR Codes shopping for men

Hointer brings QR codes to men’s fashion Hointer, a new tech-savvy clothing retailer, has opened its first branch in Seattle, Washington. The store caters to men’s fashion by selling a wide variety of jeans. While the opening of a new clothing store is rarely a noteworthy event, Hointer is significantly different from traditional retailers. The store in Seattle has no checkout stands, no cash registers, no sales associates, and only one pair of jeans for every brand that the store represents. Retailer uses QR codes to sell products Hointer is…

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QR codes used to target male consumers

QR codes jeans

Hointer has announced that smartphone barcodes will help men to shop more easily. An apparel company in Seattle has seen the use of QR codes as an opportunity to help to overcome the struggle many men face with their dislike for shopping and for finding it inconvenient. The company has applied the smartphone friendly barcodes to help make it easy to buy jeans. The store is called Hointer and they have prioritized the male consumer as they represent a very important demographic of shoppers that is being under targeted. The…

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