QR coded bracelets from Skanz can connect fans with their favorite music sensation

Skanz Website Preview

Skanz, a social networking platform based on QR codes and other mobile technologies, has introduced a new way for music artists to connect with their fans. The music industry has been long been inundated with energy that borders on the fanatic. Today, young artists are the subject of adoration from an equally young audience who craze constant contact with their favorite singer. Skanz is looking to make this connection a little simpler by offering to put QR codes on bracelets that can be given to fans. The first to use…

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QR coded wristbands from Precision Dynamics

QR Code Wristbands

Precision Dynamics, a company specializing in personal identification through the use of technology, is leveraging the promotional power of QR codes to help people express themselves. The company has launched a new product line called QR Code Wristbands. The wristbands are feature a prominent QR code that can link to anything its owner wishes. The codes are well known for their ability to connect businesses and consumers, and the wristbands may further enhance this ability. Coded wristbands are particularly attractive to managers of event venues as they can take advantage…

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