QR codes break more world records

world record Coca-Cola QR codes

In the ongoing challenge to create the largest human quick response code, a new biggest barcode was built. Ever since QR codes first started to become very popular and easily recognizable by consumers, there has been an ongoing battle among locations, brands, and companies to create the largest human versions of the barcode. Now, the latest record for the biggest human quick response code has been broken, once again. The previous record for the largest human QR codes – which was just broken – was held by Mission Hills luxury…

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Youth Unlimited gathers community support to build the world’s largest QR code

QR code video

Youth Unlimited North York, a non-profit organization based in Ontario, Canada, is embarking on a journey to build the world’s largest QR code. The current record holder is Air Fest, a day camp company also based in Canada. Air Fest’s QR code comes in at a massive 15,625 square feet, a standard that Youth Unlimited believes it can beat with the help of volunteers. The organization is reaching out to the youth community in Toronto, petitioning their aid in the construction of the gargantuan QR code. As of now, the…

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