QR codes in sidewalk bricks may enhance Maryland walking tours

QR codes sidewalk bricks

The trend of using quick response codes may soon be helping visitors to the area. A sidewalk made up of bricks that include QR codes has been proposed to be included as an element of the design of a walking tour in St. Michaels, Maryland, for visitors to the area to use and enjoy. The quick response codes have been included into a number of sidewalks in cities around the world. These QR codes would be made out of brick and would be available for use by anyone with a…

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QR code and NFC technology to guide tourists around The Rocks in Sydney

QR code and NFC- guide tourists

The New South Wales Government is backing a smartphone based walking tour. The New South Wales Government in Australia is backing an interactive walking tour for smartphone owners using QR code and NFC contactless technology. Tourists using the quick response codes will be guided through 37 of The Rocks’ historic sites. Sydney’s oldest district, The Rocks, receives a significant amount of tourism every year, and the government of New South Wales supported the development of the interactive tours to help to enhance the experience and make it more informative than…

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