How QR Codes Turn Bus Shelters Into Virtual Stores

QR Code Virtual storage

Consider, if you will, the humble bus shelter. Just a place to stay safe from the elements while waiting for public transportation, and that’s it, right? Not quite… Recently, Wal-Mart, in conjunction with Proctor and Gamble, turned 50 Toronto bus shelters into virtual WalMart stores. Talk about a chain having stores everywhere! Shopping With QR Codes Here’s how it worked. Each shelter was given a poster that contained QR codes for Proctor and Gamble products. Commuters who scanned the codes with their smart phones were taken to a Wal-Mart web…

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Chicago’s L transit stations to feature QR codes in virtual malls

qr code virtual store

A new ad campaign from Peapod will bring mobile grocery shopping to two stops Online grocery store, Peapod, has unveiled its new mobile shopping ad campaign, which allows commuters to use their smartphones to purchase food products directly from the walls of the L train stations in Chicago by scanning QR codes that are posted there. The virtual malls began last week at the State and Lake Station Tunnel and with ads plastered all over the walls, allowing mobile device carrying passengers to scan the barcodes next to images of…

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Tesco partners with Kishino for massive augmented reality initiative

Augmented Reality Marketing

Britain’s largest retailer Tesco has announced a partnership with Kishino, an augmented reality developer based in the UK. Tesco has shown a keen interest in the developing technology known as augmented reality, primarily for its ability to engage consumers in a very dynamic way. With the help of Kishino, Tesco will be the first multi-channel retail marketer to adopt a massive augmented reality platform. Kishino says that the platform can scale more than 200 times higher than other platforms offered by development companies. New augmented reality displays will help Tesco…

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