QR codes bring personalized videos to holiday flower arrangements

Ode à la ROSE qr code video florist commercial

A New York, NY based florist is allowing customers to send a more personal touch to recipients. Ode à la ROSE, a florist based in New York City, has launched a marketing campaign including a mobile video, in order to help to spread the word about the QR codes that it is using to give consumers the ability to send more than just flowers. This provides people with the ability to record holiday wishes when they send their Christmas arrangements. The service allows consumers to be able to shop for…

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QR codes provide tasty recipe videos for Rienzi products

Rienzi QR codes food labels

Quick response codes have now been introduced to product labels to enhance appeal to consumers. Rienzi & Sons has announced that it is introducing QR codes to the packaging on its premium authentic Italian food products so that smartphone users will be able to scan them and watch videos that will teach them new recipes. The company is taking advantage of the ease of use of quick response codes to provide consumers with added resource. The recipes that can be accessed through scans of the QR codes are both quick…

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QR codes on gift tags may be much more commonplace this year

QR Code Gift Video

Though these personalized videos were a novelty last year, they may be mainstream in 2012. Last, year, J.C. Penney made mcommerce waves by adding a never before seen gift tag opportunity for its customers during the holiday season, through the use of QR codes. This year, companies around the world are offering their own take on this service. A company in Brazil, named Diageo, the largest spirits producer in the world, has announced that it will be bringing gift tags with QR codes up to a new level. With so…

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QR codes can star in films through QRmovie technology

Typically found on product packages and in magazine ads, now they can be animated and adaptive. There has been a great deal of controversy surrounding the use of QR codes, as some are used very well and effectively, while others have become annoying enough to cause many marketers to roll their eyes. The latest technology is breaking away from more standard uses of the barcodes. A new effort is now being made by a company based in Hamburg, Germany to try to make QR codes cool again. They are attempting…

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2D codes used to help travelers navigate

The city of Port Townsend, Washington, has announced that it will be using QR codes and Microsoft Tags to their maps of the city. Town Graphics, a company that specializes in creating interactive maps, will be providing hand-drawn pictorial maps of the Olympic Peninsula Victorian town. The company has provided two mock-ups that provide proof of concept of the endeavor. The codes on the mock-up maps link to sponsors videos on YouTube. The company is making use of the versatility of the codes, taking advantage of the fact that the…

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