QR codes could protect national security

QR Codes Security

While quick response codes are best known for their marketing uses, researchers are now seeing new potential for the barcodes. While the most popular use of QR codes is, by far, in packaging and marketing, to ensure that consumers will be able to obtain the very latest information about a product or brand and its promotions, university researchers have recently revealed that they feel that these barcodes could do a lot more than just sell products. A team from the University of Connecticut believes that quick response codes could help…

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QR codes are becoming central to the battle against fraud

qr codes business card

There are a range of counterfeit educational certificates circulating in India and quick response codes could combat this trend. Aside from the primary use for QR codes, which is in mobile marketing, these two dimensional barcodes have also found their way into a range of different verification processes that have given consumers and businesses, alike, the opportunity to use their smartphones and tablets to ensure that a product or document is the genuine article. As counterfeit products and documentation become more sophisticated, a simple verification solution is needed. Among the…

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QR codes help Cheltenham taxis prove they’re legit

taxi Octopus qr code tracking

Cabbies in this part of England can now prove to customers that they are driving a licensed vehicle. This week, QR codes were introduced into Cheltenham, England’s taxis and private rental vehicles to help passengers to know that they are not riding in a car with a faked license. The program by the borough council is also designed to help to promote improved overall public safety. At the same time as a new type of “no smoking” sticker has been added to the cabs and other types of public hire…

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QR codes to provide “One Swipe” authentication at SecurEnvoy

qr code standard mobile payments

This new method uses unique quick response code generation for verification offline. Mobile security is rapidly becoming a concern, where few had paid much attention to it in the past, and QR codes are starting to rise to become quite commonplace among verification systems. This is the case with a recent authentication technology being used by SecurEnvoy. That firm is the inventor of a tokenless two-factor authentication system that has created a solution in response to the growing need for mobile security options to protect passwords, photos, personal data, and…

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QR codes authenticate online banking transactions at Rabobank

payment fraudulent qr code

These quick response codes will now be used to boost the data and mobile security it provides. Rabobank has announced that it is enhancing the security that it provides for its online banking experience trough the implementation of Vasco Data Security technology, which uses high definition QR codes for authentication of customers that use their web based services. Central to this effort is the Rabo Scanner, which uses a color display and embedded camera. That device is used for capturing the QR codes that are displayed on the computer screen,…

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