Paperlinks QR code scanner now available on the Android Market

Popular QR code generator and scanner, Paperlinks, which is known for its business friendliness, has just announced that it is now available on the Android Market. Android-based smartphone users can now download the app for free in order to be able to use a number of different kinds of QR code services. Paperlinks also provides businesses with Android NFC support. By using this new app, users of Android mobile devices will be able to rapidly and effectively create their own QR codes or scan those that have already been created.…

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Research and Markets report shows 4,500% growth in QR code scans in 2011

QR Code Statistics

Research and Markets, a market research firm, has released a new report concerning the growth of QR codes and how much they have been scanned this year. 2011 has been a successful year for the codes as many more companies have begun incorporating them into their marketing campaigns. Awareness of the codes has been swelling amongst consumers, who had never before been exposed to such mobile technology. The report details how quickly the codes have grown in a single year. According to the report, QR code scan rates have jumped…

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QR codes come to the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium as part of a new interactive learning initiative

QR Codes at the Zoo!

The appeal of QR codes in the marketing world is well known these days. It seems that every business is making use of the codes to engage consumers that are growing increasingly attached to their mobile devices. In this sense, there are few avenues that the codes have not yet traveled, but their capabilities for information and content distribution can extend well beyond the realm of marketing. The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium is using the codes, but not for advertising. The acclaimed wildlife center has taken note of the…

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Survey: Young consumers unable to use codes because they can’t get them to work

QR Codes

More companies are adopting QR codes for their marketing campaigns. The use of the codes most often stems from a need to reach a new generation of consumer that is immersed in mobile technology. Indeed, many retailers have catered their marketing efforts to a specific demographic – consumers between the ages of 14 and 24. A new survey from Youth Pulse, a market research firm specializing in emerging trends among young consumers, notes that most of these marketing campaigns are in vain, as younger people are less likely to scan…

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Nestle leverages QR codes in new campaign, may expand their use of the barcodes in the future

Nestle Headquarters Japan

Nestle, the world’s largest food and nutrition company, has begun using QR codes for their latest marketing campaign in Denmark. The codes come from Paperlinks, an ambitious mobile marketing startup based in California. Paperlinks has designed a custom QR code to be used for the campaign that transforms the code’s traditional black and white blocky pattern into one that is more esthetically alluring. Nestle will be using the designer QR codes at a number of events that will be held throughout Denmark. The marketing campaign aims to promote the company’s…

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QR codes may save the print industry; study shows that printed QR codes are more successful than their digital counterparts

QR Code Article

Advertisers have come to adore QR codes. The advent of the digital era has brought about the decline of printed publications which, in turn, has lead to diminishing returns from printed advertisements. Advertisers have had trouble traversing the online world as there is no guarantee that consumers will pay any attention to their attempts at marketing, especially when there are programs that can get rid of advertisements altogether. QR codes, however, are still shrouded in mystique, enticing the curiosity of consumers while offering them a valuable service. The codes may,…

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U.S. Army launched QR code initiative to connect with the people

U.S. Army QR Code Campaign

The context in which QR codes can be used is expansive. Though the codes were originally developed by Denso Wave to track inventory for Toyota, use of the codes has branched out into the marketing industry to great success. The codes became popular in Japan and can be found nearly everywhere in big cities like Tokyo, but their influence spread quickly to the U.S. Now, the codes have become a staple in marketing, especially among marketers keen on grabbing the interest of smart phone users. The appeal of QR codes…

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Fabricating QR Codes

QR code Art

It is common to see QR codes in magazines and newspapers. They have even made their way to the small screen, accompanying TV advertisements. The codes are not quite so common on clothing, however, a fact that the QR-3D Projects seeks to rectify. The codes have garnered acclaim for their ability to bridge the gap between the digital and physical world. They are most often used in print advertisements but can also be used to digitize a vast array of print content such as books, poetry and pieces of visual…

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U.S. Postal Service offering discounts for QR code usage

US Post Office QR Code Discount

Many in the mobile marketing industry believe that society is reaching a “critical mass” of smart phone use. This puts QR codes at the tipping point toward becoming a mainstream technology. Citing research from Mobio, a leader in QR code solutions for businesses around the world, which shows that QR code scanning increased by 1,200% in the last six months of 2010, more businesses are adopting the code as part of their marketing campaigns. QR has proven to be so popular that even the United States Postal Service is encouraging…

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Fiat’s new QR code campaign on the road

Fiat 500

Leo Burnett, one of the world’s largest advertising firms, has entered the mobile marketing arena by crafting a QR code campaign for Italian car maker, Fiat. A growing number of advertisers are incorporating QR codes into their efforts in an effort to make ads more dynamic and interactive. Companies are becoming increasingly invested in mobile marketing strategies as the world’s consumers become more attached to wireless devices. Fiat is one of the first auto makers to use the codes for marketing, but not the first to put them to good…

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Picking the right wine just got a little easier

QR Code Wine mobile app

Inspired by the success of their contemporaries, more wineries are flocking to QR codes to boost their mobile marketing power. The codes have been gaining traction with vineyards due to their ability to provide engaging content to consumers. Many are taking advantage of the popularity of social media, using the codes to link to their online profiles and make use of social promotion. Despite some industry leaders initially deeming the codes as a marketing phase, they are being won over by their prowess and versatility. J Vineyards & Winery is…

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