QR code reader in Opera Mini browser gets a makeover

Opera Mini QR code reader

Aside from the quick response code reader, the Android browser also has an enhanced download manager. The latest update for the Opera Mini browser for Android devices now features a range of updates and improvements, such as a better QR code reader, enhanced language support and a newly designed download manager. The language support now includes 90 new language options including 13 regional dialects from India. Now that the Tamil and Malayalam versions of the Opera Mini browser have been updated with new dialects, it means that it will be…

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QR codes boost visitor experience in Ohio’s Wood County Park District

QR Codes used for exercise, park grass

The quick response codes have been added to signage following the receipt of a grant for the project. The Wood County Park District in Ohio was recently the recipient of the grant for which it applied in order to make sure that it could add new signage including QR codes to its various parks. The new signs and their smartphone friendly barcodes are now going to be installed in the parks. The grant that was received by the district was for $750 and this amount is going to be used…

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QR codes will help bring lost pups home

Lost Dog qr codes

A new system through AnimalRescue.com will help lost pets to be able to find their way home. A program called AnimalRescue.com, based in Brevard County, is now making it possible for people to scan QR codes in order to be able to gain information about a lost pet they’ve found. Because dogs and cats can’t speak for themselves, it can make it very hard to bring them home when they’re lost. Losing a pet can be an owner’s worst nightmare. It depends very heavily on the ability of someone who…

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Sterling Heights to use QR codes to boost information access

masterpass qr code - mobile payments

Residents of this Michigan city will be able to scan quick response codes to learn about permits and more. In response to the interest residents of Sterling, Michigan have shown in obtaining information more quickly and easily, the municipality will be implementing QR codes to boost accessibility through the use of smartphones. The intention to use the quick response codes was announced at a recent city presentation at the end of last year. Denice Gerstenberg, the City Development Director, attended the Sterling Heights City Council meeting in which city officials…

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QR codes turn regular smartphone into life saving gadget

qr codes id bracelet example image emergency

A startup from Boca Raton is using quick response codes to help users in an emergency situation. Following a trip to Louisiana in which a man named C.J. Wilson witnessed a situation in which emergency workers were trying to assist a man who had collapsed but didn’t know what medications he may have been using, a startup was formed for using QR codes to provide first responders with a patient’s medical history. This way, paramedics will be able to scan the barcodes to know what medications a patient is using.…

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QR codes guide hikers along the Korean Hallasan trail

nature trail tree qr code plaques

The quick response codes are meant to help to inform walkers and keep them safe along the way. Throughout the entire length of the Dullegil Walking Trail located along the forested slopes of Mount Hallasan, there are now one hundred signs featuring QR codes that can be scanned by hikers along the way. The route covers a length of 80 km (about 50 miles), and the signs can be found all along it. At the launch of the QR codes, only 60 kilometers of the trail is covered by the…

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QR codes make new Swedish burial trend

QR Codes used on gravestones

It is becoming commonplace to add quick response codes to tombstones in order to digitally memorialize the dead. Among the latest trends to make its way into Sweden is one that isn’t being talked about all that much but that has been growing at a considerable rate and involves the use of QR codes on tombstones in order to make it possible for friends and family to memorialize their deceased loved ones, online. Among the funeral services companies currently offering the digital memorials is Sveriges Begravningsbyråers Förbund (SBF). There has…

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QR codes in Frankfurt ensure Nazi atrocities will not be forgotten

qr codes trends

The quick response codes have been integrated into memorial sites in order to inform and educate viewers. Frankfurt, Germany has well over one hundred different memorials that are dedicated to remembering the atrocities that occurred throughout the time that the Nazis were in power and new QR codes have now been installed on 19 of them in order to increase the amount of information that they share with the viewer. The purpose of these quick response codes is to ensure that people will never forget what happened. Scanning the QR…

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QR codes take center stage on new fruit labels

qr codes watermelon fruit

Itaueira Farms has now unveiled its new labeling and its larger fruit will include quick response codes. Itaueira Farms, a Brazilian melon grower, has now unveiled a brand new label to add to its premium large fruits, including melons, and this new version includes QR codes that will make it easier for consumers to be able to learn about the history of the specific produce they’re purchasing and to obtain some helpful tips. The quick response codes can be scanned with a smartphone to trace the fruit back to its…

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QR codes added to Nortec HVAC technical literature

QR Codes in marketing

The purpose of the quick response codes is to make it easier for users to obtain faster troubleshooting info. Nortek Global HVAC has now announced that it is adding QR codes to its HVAC products to make it possible for all smartphone users to be able to simply scan to obtain technical literature that will make troubleshooting much faster and easier. The company has added the quick response codes so contractors can have all the tech info they need on hand. One quick scan using any free QR codes reader…

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QR codes give high tech flair to student scavenger hunt

QR codes school library smartphone barcodes

Quick response codes have been posted all over Seward High school in Nebraska. Students at Seward High school in Nebraska came together to create a scavenger hunt using QR codes for a college week event that ran from October 12 through October 15. The purpose of the quick response codes was to use technology in the simplest possible way. Three senior students at the school, Ben Galusha, Bryson Schluckebier and William Brown worked on the scavenger hunt based on QR codes after they were approached by Noelle Baker – a…

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