QR codes allow consumers to send a message in a (beer) bottle

Andes beer qr codes message in a bottle

This quick response code service from an Argentinean beer has been advertised with a series of entertaining commercials. Andes, a beer brand from Argentina, has now launched a new marketing campaign that includes the use of QR codes in order to allow people to be able to send video messages to the recipients of a bottle of the product. The campaign has involved the release of a series of funny commercials to illustrate the use of the service. The entire idea behind the use of the QR codes is that…

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QR codes added to West Berkshire planning application notices

qr codes plan application notices

The city council has chosen to use the barcodes to help people to find more information with their smartphones. The West Berkshire Council has just introduced a new use for QR codes within their city, which will allow people to look into planning applications for the streets by simply scanning the barcodes using their smartphones. These on street barcodes will be prominently displayed on the planning application notices. The city has already been posting the planning application notices that are bright orange in color, to help people to be able…

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QR codes become permanent in Turkish tattoos

QR codes tattoo

An ink parlor in Turkey uses the barcodes as tests for accuracy when hiring new candidate artists. Anyone who has said that QR codes aren’t permanent was proven wrong by a tattoo parlor in Turkey that is using the barcodes not only to advertise for new artists, but also to test their abilities and accuracy. The Turkish small business used this technology as an ingenious strategy to identify the most skilled candidates. The ad agency called BÜRO was hired by Berrge Tattoo, an upmarket tattoo shop located in Istanbul. The…

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New survey shows QR code usage on the rise

A new survey released by MGH Modern Marketing, a full service marketing agency, shows that enthusiasm for QR codes is at an all time high. The codes have displayed their prowess at content distribution since they began seeing extensive use in the U.S. nearly two years ago. Originally developed in Japan, few thought the codes would catch on like they have. Thanks to the widespread use of mobile devices, the codes are now becoming a cornerstone of marketing. MGH’s survey shows that 70% of smart phone users have used, or…

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Lions, Tigers and QR Codes?

Advertising has gone to the animals, literally. Actually, in this case it isn’t advertising, it’s education. The Santa Barbara Zoo is utilizing QR Codes to give patrons the opportunity to interact with the animals. This is not only brilliant on their part, but a move that should set a standard for every other business out there. QR Codes are small, square, 2-D boxes similar to barcodes. Smartphone’s can download an application that allows them to scan the code and be taken to a website, information or video that has been…

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QR Code scavenger hunts…the next big thing!

This year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) conference held in Texas will be home to vast array of talent spanning the film, music and interactive media industries. The conference, which is held annually, has long been a time for creatives to come together and share their latest innovations and discoveries. SXSW has been the host for several interactive media escapades in the past and this year is no exception. Meet-Meme, a company whose expertise is in personal branding through use of QR code trading cards, will be holding a scavenger-hunt event…

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A star was born but what does the future hold for QR codes?

  2011 may well be the year in which mobile marketing and advertising are revolutionized. Though QR codes were invented in the 90’s as an easy way for Japanese auto manufacturer, Toyota, to keep track of inventory, QR has gain prestige in recent years. In an emerging industry with still vague boundaries and definitions, the 2d barcode is quickly forming the structure upon which most mobile marketing will be based. The advent of the smart phone brought with it a new field of digital interaction. From augmented reality to mobile…

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