QR Code Detective: Is your product tracking useful to consumers?

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Many companies are discovering that quick response codes can help to provide transparency that customers appreciate. The QR code was originally created in order to be able to improve the ability to trace individual products within factories and plants, and businesses have been discovering that this ability to track their products throughout their lifetimes is not only appealing to them, but it could also be very attractive for customers. By being able to scan a quick response code to learn about a product, a company can add considerable transparency. While…

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QR codes require a careful balance, even when labeling fish!

qr codes fish counter

Black Restaurant Group is providing transparency and traceability to its customers. The Black Restaurant Group has decided that it is time to break away from the dubious reputation of the seafood industry, and is now using QR codes to give its customers the ability to learn a great deal more about each type of fish that they sell. The purpose is to give consumers the ability to inform themselves and to shop and dine with confidence. Although the creation and use of these QR codes has proved to be a…

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QR codes are helping auto dealers to boost transparency

QR Codes auto dealership

Dealerships are beginning to use the barcodes to help to appeal to consumers seeking further information. Auto dealers are the latest to observe the potential that is offered by the number of consumers who are carrying smartphones, and how QR codes can appeal to those individuals by providing a larger amount of information about the vehicles being sold. This can help to improve transparency, which is vitally important in the current auto sales ecosystem. By using QR codes, dealers can offer more information about a vehicle’s features, options, price, colors…

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