QR codes may benefit from new technology

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New invisible marker images are being suggested for improved use of the barcodes. Marketers are already big fans of QR codes due to their ease of use and their cost effectiveness as they bring the digital world and the real world – such as print media – together by way of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. However, there is some controversy surrounding them and many are asking if new tech would improve them. At the moment, 53 percent of consumers in the United Kingdom are smartphone users, which…

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Smart QrCode Generator aims to make codes easier to use

QR Code Scanner

Smart QrCode Generator allows users to make their own QR codes QR codes are widely popular among businesses but receive generally modest attention from consumers. As QR codes become more widely used by companies large and small, consumers are becoming more interested in using the codes themselves as a way to share information with others and have taken to the idea of generating their own codes. There are a wide variety of QR code generators available online, but the capabilities of these generators can often be limited. Smart QrCode Generator,…

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Out with the old and in with the new!

America may be on the brink of a technological revolution. Mobile marketing is exploding here in the United States; and the use of QR Codes is starting to be seen everywhere. Now, we will be going to the next level; the ability to make mobile payments through tWallet and mVoucher. These are two new payment platforms that may be on the next Smartphone you purchase. Even though a survey showed that most people are uncomfortable with the idea of paying for things with their phones. It is basically the same…

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Easy and cheap ways to give your business a fresh look

Big name businesses are starting to use new marketing techniques for advertising. Companies are realizing that if they want to reach certain age groups, or crowds, then they have to reach out to them at their level. Just putting an ad on television or in a magazine won’t do it anymore. Companies have done everything they can think of to catch your attention during an advertisement. They’ve used famous actors and sports figures, done slap-stick comedy, and they’ve even used babies, senior citizens and animals. But all of that is…

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