QR Code Security Issues

Quick Response codes, or QR codes, are everywhere: posters, product labels, magazines, even fast food packaging, you name it. Functioning along the same principle as bar codes, scanning a QR Code with your smartphone’s camera (providing you have a code reader app) enables you to quickly and easily access a website. No more frantically writing down a website URL on a greasy napkin. QR Codes And Smart Phone Vulnerability Of course, whenever a new convenient technology comes along, there always have to be those kill-joys that need to find a…

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How to Use QR Codes on the Road

QR Code Billboard Helps Business

QR codes are a marketing technique used on everything from magazine pages to product labels to T-shirts. They’re a great – and simple – way to get consumers to engage with brands on mobile devices. These Quick Response Codes allow brands to link to digital content from a non-digital medium. All the consumer has to do is scan the code with their mobile device to be transported automatically. QR codes aren’t new – but brands are beginning to use them in new ways. To keep up with consumers everywhere, brands are turning…

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QR codes patent for workplace digital signage awarded to the Marlin Company

lottery ticket qr code app

This patent involved the creation of an interactive experience between the digital signs and the mobile devices of employees. The Marlin Company has just announced that it has now received its third patent for QR codes that are displayed on digital signage in the workplace, helping it to secure its position in the use of these barcodes within this niche. The Wallingford, CT company has now received U.S. Patent Number 8,516,527 for this use of the barcodes. The company considers itself to be one of the pioneers in workplace digital…

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QR codes make book reports easier to share

qr code enrollment at school and library

Students at a Niagara Falls school have made their work available to read simply by way of a scan using a smartphone. The students in a Niagara Falls classroom are not only writing the traditional form of book report, but they are also making their work and their reviews available to anyone with a smartphone, by issuing QR codes to be scanned in order to view them. This is another example of technology making its way into the classroom to broaden the interest of students. In this instance, it is…

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QR codes may benefit from new technology

qr code authenticity checks - qr code under magnifying glass

New invisible marker images are being suggested for improved use of the barcodes. Marketers are already big fans of QR codes due to their ease of use and their cost effectiveness as they bring the digital world and the real world – such as print media – together by way of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. However, there is some controversy surrounding them and many are asking if new tech would improve them. At the moment, 53 percent of consumers in the United Kingdom are smartphone users, which…

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QR codes are now worked into DS Smith Packaging products

tombstones museum qr codes appearance

Customers of the company’s industrial division will be able to scan pallets using smartphones. DS Smith Packaging has just announced that its customers for the Industrial Division of the company will be able to replace heavy duty packaging repeat orders through simple QR code scans with the use of smartphones. The company is hoping that this will greatly simplify the reordering process for its customers. All a customer needs to do to be able to reorder heavy duty packaging is to scan the QR codes located on the box or…

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Tokkers Releases Audio QR Codes That Make Anything Talk

Company Offers Tools to Record Messages and Generate Mobile Landing Pages Tokkers today released its new “talking” audio QR Codes. The new web-based service, available by subscription, allows users to easily create talking mobile landing pages, complete with logos, photos, text, maps, video, and social sharing links. Audio messages can be created using their online recorder, by phone, or by uploading audio files. Tokkers QR Codes can be placed on printed products, marketing materials, advertising, signage, displays, menus, exhibits and publications. They can be scanned with any smartphone QR Code…

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QR codes are baffling many technology experts by continuing to thrive

QR Codes

Star Toilet Paper has shown that the barcodes still have massive potential when used correctly. Over the last few years, QR codes have been the center of a great deal of controversy, as many people feel that they have a tremendous amount of potential, while others claim that the technology is dead and should be abandoned. Star Toilet Paper has clearly shown that they feel that the barcodes are still helpful and they demonstrated how. Star Toilet Paper, a unique marketing company, has made an important statement in helping QR…

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QR codes partnership announced between AT&T and Scanbuy

Scanlife QR codes

The partnership is meant to help the wireless provider to increase its mobile engagement capabilities. AT&T has just announced that it is now offering new services through a partnership with Scanbuy, in which it is providing the ability for businesses to use QR codes in order to run mobile commerce campaigns that will provide a more relevant and engaging experience for their customers. This is one of a number of mobile engagements solutions that are offered through the new partnership. The new deal between Scanbuy and AT&T will allow for…

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QR codes featured by San Diego health club

QR codes gym sports

The fitness industry in the city has now had its introduction to the technology for smartphone users. The Sporting Club, a health club in San Diego, has just integrated technology using QR codes into its location by creating instructional videos to help to enhance the experience of smartphone carrying members. This is not the first time that the barcodes have been applied to the industry as a whole. Other organizations, from gyms to school fitness programs, have already successfully used QR codes to quickly link smartphone users to videos that…

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