QR codes become permanent in Turkish tattoos

QR codes tattoo

An ink parlor in Turkey uses the barcodes as tests for accuracy when hiring new candidate artists. Anyone who has said that QR codes aren’t permanent was proven wrong by a tattoo parlor in Turkey that is using the barcodes not only to advertise for new artists, but also to test their abilities and accuracy. The Turkish small business used this technology as an ingenious strategy to identify the most skilled candidates. The ad agency called BÜRO was hired by Berrge Tattoo, an upmarket tattoo shop located in Istanbul. The…

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New QR code fad includes high tech tattoos

QR Code Tattoo

Though QR codes are becoming quite commonplace in various forms of advertising, both on screens and in print, they have now moved to a new location, as they have started to find their way onto the body in the form of tattoos. Fred Bosch, for example, has now had one of the barcodes permanently inked to his forearm. He has chosen to have a random results code added to his skin. This means that one can never tell where scanning the code will result. Though one person who scans it…

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Dave’s Killer Marketing Strategy

It seems everyone is joining the latest technologic craze taking the world by storm. QR codes have quickly become one of the most utilized and identifiable tools in marketing. Since their launch in the mid-80s, they were exclusively used to keep track of inventory. When smart phones became more popular, marketers saw how useful they could be for their clients. Today, the codes can be found in a number of print adverts and are used extensively in marketing campaigns for the music, fashion, and entertainment industries. Dave’s Killer Bread, a…

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