QR codes will help bring lost pups home

Lost Dog qr codes

A new system through AnimalRescue.com will help lost pets to be able to find their way home. A program called AnimalRescue.com, based in Brevard County, is now making it possible for people to scan QR codes in order to be able to gain information about a lost pet they’ve found. Because dogs and cats can’t speak for themselves, it can make it very hard to bring them home when they’re lost. Losing a pet can be an owner’s worst nightmare. It depends very heavily on the ability of someone who…

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QR codes make lost things found: from luggage to pets

Dynotag qr codes

On a growing basis, quick response codes are being used to ensure that property is returned to its owners. Although QR codes are most frequently found in print marketing such as product labels, advertising posters, and magazine ads, Dynotag, a startup based in Seattle has now launched barcodes that can be generated by users, for free, and then linked to a personal web page, so that property can be returned if it goes missing. The key to these unique quick response codes is that they can be scanned by someone…

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QR codes turn button tags into mobile marketing opportunities

qr codes button tags business cards

The technique gives brands a way to instantly share their URLs within both a retail and social setting. Button tags that can be clipped on and worn are among the latest ways that QR codes are being used in both social and retail settings in order to be able to spread the words and share URLs of brands, companies, and products. These wearable forms of mobile marketing are also growing in popularity within business meetings. The reason is that they are making it much faster and easier for individuals to…

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QR codes embroidering machine created in the Netherlands

QR codes clothing labels

An embroidery device has made it possible to produce the QR codes in the form of cloth. As QR codes become increasingly popular, companies around the world are coming up with new and unique ways to work them into locations in which they will be scanned by the smartphone carrying public. This now includes an invention that can produce these barcodes to be included in many possible places. LogoBorduurstudio, a company based in Barneveld, The Netherlands, has made it possible to use an embroidery machine that is controlled by a…

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Italian QR code stickers bring watermelons into mobile commerce


This quick response barcode fruit label provides consumers with a wealth of information. Malvasi Agostino, an Italian fruit producer, is adding QR code stickers to its baby watermelons called Cuoredolce, in an effort to provide consumers with more information about the product and encourage them to make more informed decisions. These barcodes can be scanned with smartphones to discover more about the fruit. The company is based in Poggio Rusco, whichis located in the Mantova, Italy area and produces a number of different watermelon varieties. It is the Cuoredolce baby…

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