QR code tracking to help Delhi Transportation department monitoring cabs and cars

rickshaw taxi qr code tracking

In the massive Indian city, nearly 60,000 taxis and 90,000 autorickshaws move about the streets. The Delhi Transportation department is implementing a new QR code tracking strategy in the hopes of increasing passenger safety. This has been a growing trend in India, particularly in the effort to make sure women safely arrive at their destinations. The quick response codes will make it possible for the department to keep track of more vehicles. It uses QR code tracking to help make sure the department always knows where the vehicles are on…

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QR codes provide considerable food supply chain possibilities

sushi qr codes

These barcodes are being used to an increasing degree by restaurants and grocery stores. At a growing level, QR codes are being used by the food service and sale industries in order to help consumers to become more aware of the various stages of the supply chain in which their products have traveled. Edible quick response barcodes have made tech and marketing headlines from sushi restaurants. When scanned through the use of smartphones, these QR codes can provide consumers with information about the origin of the ingredients in their dish…

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QR codes are expected to enhance the festival experience

QR codes scanning success

The goal is to use the barcodes so that smartphone carrying visitors can gain information quickly and easily. QR codes are appearing in a growing number of attractions and popular tourist locations, and festivals are not falling behind this opportunity to quickly and easily inform their visitors in a very cost effective way. This is the case at an Ohio music festival that has now amped up its visitor information with the use of the barcodes. The Creekside Blues & Jass Festival organizers in Gahanna, Ohio have decided that QR…

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Ubleam looks to a new generation of QR codes

QR codes frame

New QR codes developed by Ubleam Ubleam is a new start-up devoted to the development of a new generation of QR codes. The company was established in 2011 in France and has made significant progress in its endeavor to launch a new kind of code that could be very useful in marketing and other applications. QR codes have been evolving over the years, going from black and white blocky patterns to more visually appealing designs. Visual QR codes, those that are free of the blocky patterns of their traditional counterparts,…

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QR codes make mobile coupons more appealing

Mobile Coupons with QR Codes

These barcodes make discount opportunities very attractive to consumers. Marketers are being inundated with different ways to drive sales using mobile marketing, but it’s QR codes that are taking the cake in terms of opportunities for consumers to save using digital or sometimes referred to as mobile coupons. They are also very popular for other shopping opportunities. QR codes are also gaining momentum as a method for paying for certain purchases, such as parking, and for reading newspapers and newsletters. Overall, they have now been successfully driving sales both in-store…

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