Hointer leverages QR codes to sell jeans

QR Codes shopping for men

Hointer brings QR codes to men’s fashion Hointer, a new tech-savvy clothing retailer, has opened its first branch in Seattle, Washington. The store caters to men’s fashion by selling a wide variety of jeans. While the opening of a new clothing store is rarely a noteworthy event, Hointer is significantly different from traditional retailers. The store in Seattle has no checkout stands, no cash registers, no sales associates, and only one pair of jeans for every brand that the store represents. Retailer uses QR codes to sell products Hointer is…

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Virtual stores powered by QR codes gaining steam

QR Code Gift Video

Virtual stores are getting more attention from the retail industry Retailers around the world are growing increasingly aware of the prospects of mobile commerce and how much they could potentially gain from engaging mobile consumers. These consumers are becoming more reliant on their mobile devices to shop and purchase products. Mobile consumers are finding that using their smart phones and tablets to shop is more convenient than traditional forms of commerce, and the retail industry is taking notice. QR codes may soon become the ideal way to reach out to…

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QR Code stores big hit in 2013

Dutch Startup to bring pop-up virtual store to the public After Tesco launched its QR Code virtual store for the homeplus formula in 2009, the number of QR Code stores has been increasing with double digits. In 2012 over 300 QR Code stores were published worldwide and over 2000 have already been announced for 2013. With the rise of mobile commerce, retailers are finally integrating their online and offline channels. According to Forrester research , mobile retail and travel spending grew by 80% in 2011 and is expected to more…

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Well.ca launches Canada’s first QR code pop-up store in Toronto

Virtual Store

Well.ca, an online retailer based in Canada, is set to bring virtual pop-up stores to North America this month. The company has announced that Canada will be home to North America’s first pop-up store, which will feature a wide line of products, each associated with their own QR code. The store will be located in downtown Toronto and will be open through the end of April. Consumers will be able to find a wide range of products at the store from brands like Tide, Crest and Head and Shoulders. Pop-up…

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QR stores make an appearance at German train stations

German Train Stations

QR coded stores have begun appearing in Germany. The stores are akin to those that had once been seen at train stations in South Korea, brought to the country by British retail giant Tesco. The German stores are a product of Budnikowsky, a popular drugstore, and have also been showing up at train stations throughout the country. Indeed, Budnikowsky derived inspiration for the stores from Tesco, who have seen relative success with their venture. The company hopes that QR stores will take root in Germany. The stores feature a wide…

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