QR codes can be used to securely display 3D images

qr codes

These quick response codes can be scanned by smartphones to do a great deal more than link to websites. While QR codes have become quite commonplace in print marketing to link the ads to online media, optical engineers from the University of Connecticut have found an entirely new and interesting use for these barcodes. The results of the efforts of this team has been published within the Optica journal from The Optical Society (OSA). The University of Connecticut optical engineer team took a regular smartphone and added an array of…

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These QR Codes Will Last For Millions Of Years

QR Codes holding history

Stone tablets, cave drawings, and ancient scrolls are all we have left of many of the civilizations that came before us. Through these rudimentary mediums, our ancestors are able to speak directly to us–sharing their knowledge, their values, and details about their everyday lives. But not all tablets, pictographs, and scrolls survived. And each one that has been lost equates to information that we will never know. So how can we preserve our knowledge for those that come after us? Many of us erroneously entrust our histories to our computer…

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QR codes may store human data for 1 million years and beyond

QR Code Virtual storage

QR codes may be the best way to record human history QR codes are often considered simple marketing tools and are quite effective in advertising around the world. The codes typically go unnoticed by consumers that are not specifically interested in using them, but they could have a major role to play in the longevity of humanity. Scientists from the Human Document Project believe that QR codes could be used to store information concerning the history of human civilization. More importantly, scientists believe that the codes can store this information…

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