TVS Motors uses QR code stamps to combat counterfeit parts

qr code stamp card

The company is making an effort to try to make it easy to spot fake spare parts that look like its own. As a part of a broad strategy to combat fake spare parts, TVS Motors is using QR code stamps on its own products. Fakes have become increasingly commonplace within its market, to the point that is beginning to cut into their sales. The quick response codes are meant to help to identify legitimate parts and authenticate them easily. Some of the TVS Motors products such as the Cam…

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Massive QR code taken down from busy freeway in Hawaii

QR Code Sticker

Department of Transportation workers took down a 16 square foot QR code posted on an exit sign found on one of the busiest freeways in Hawaii this week. The freeway was closed while workers dismantled the code, putting an end to what had been a stressful distraction for drivers. The code had been posted last week, though no one knows at exactly what time. The code took scanners to the website of UDOWN, a local fashion store. The company claims to have had no involvement whatsoever. As QR codes become…

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