The Role of QR Codes Friendly Website Development in Digital Marketing Post the Pandemic

qr codes

The role of QR codes had subsided after their boom in 2011. Until recently, QR codes had specific business-related purposes, mostly related to eCommerce and payment getaways. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic subsiding and businesses starting to open again, QR codes are making a comeback for various business purposes. Since they do not need to be touched to operate, QR codes are starting to get repurposed for different business purposes, from looking at restaurant menus to downloading e-business cards.  As the role of QR codes increases, a web development company…

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QR code social media partnership between Justin Wilson and

Justin Wilson, the IZOD IndyCar Series driver

New branding initiative has been established with the IZOD IndyCar Series driver. Justin Wilson, the IZOD IndyCar Series driver, now has his own customized QR code, which gives fans the opportunity to follow him across each of the social media platforms that he uses. This effort is in partnership with Milwaukee based is a social media trading card company, and is now teamed up with the driver behind the wheel of the number 18 Sonny’s Bar-B-Q Honda for Dale Coyne Racing. The QR code has been designed to…

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QR codes taking important place in social media marketing

QR code social media

A wave of new mobile apps are starting to integrate Facebook, Twitter, and barcodes Smartphone marketers are rapidly discovering the power of QR marketing are coming up with innovative new ways to integrate their use with the already recognized strength of the social networks. For example, the Denso Wave Company based in Japan has just selected the QR Blaster app in order to generate the barcodes for Facebook. That application is already being used by many companies and individuals through its web based format, with 45 different options available which…

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Shelter pets benefit from QR codes through the Purina ONE initiative

Purina QR Code Campaign

Purina ONE has announced the start of two new initiatives to help benefit pets living in shelters, including one involving the use of QR code stickers which can be found on the front of packages of its dry cat food. Every time one of the barcodes is scanned, Purina ONE will give a donation of $1- up to a maximum of $30,000 – to feed pets living in shelters. Furthermore, the “Bowl-by-Bowl” program is starting at the Facebook page for Purina ONE, allowing its visitors to take simple quizzes that…

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Diesel brings a very social QR code campaign to shops

Diesel Clothing QR Code Campaign

Mobile marketing is becoming popular all over the world. As more people turn to smart phones and other mobile devices to enhance their daily routine, more advertisers are tapping into new ideas to reach a mobile audience. Fullsix, a far-reaching marketing communications group in Europe, has launched a new QR code campaign for fashion brand Diesel. The campaign aims to integrate social media with the point of sale is stores. Many companies have been ramping up their presence on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Consumers are constantly connected to…

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