Magazines are finding greater use of QR codes

QR Codes

Meredith Corp has announced that it will be joining the growing trend for magazine use of two dimensional barcodes, by adding Microsoft Tag as a standard advertising tool in its range of magazines. The company has already been using the barcodes in its publications such as Traditional Home, Better Homes and Gardens, and Family Circle, and its figures show that among the readers who scan the tag, between 10 and 20 percent will either view or use the ad in some way. That said, the actual number of individuals who…

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Oklahoman remodeling firm finds use for QR codes

QR Code

The real estate industry has been quick to adopt QR codes. Indeed, the industry was among the very first to make use of the blocky designs in the U.S. Realtors have had success in marketing their services and properties through use of the codes, but they are but one aspect of the real estate business. Construction crews are beginning to follow the example realtors have left. In Oklahoma, a remodeling company has begun using QR codes to show off its services and quality of its work. Black and white, box-shaped…

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New survey shows QR code usage on the rise

A new survey released by MGH Modern Marketing, a full service marketing agency, shows that enthusiasm for QR codes is at an all time high. The codes have displayed their prowess at content distribution since they began seeing extensive use in the U.S. nearly two years ago. Originally developed in Japan, few thought the codes would catch on like they have. Thanks to the widespread use of mobile devices, the codes are now becoming a cornerstone of marketing. MGH’s survey shows that 70% of smart phone users have used, or…

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