QR codes can come with pharming risk

qr codes security

These barcodes and portal sites could expose mobile device to security threats. There is a form of pop up window that is becoming more common for mobile internet surfers and that is posing a threat both for them and users of QR codes in terms of the security of their personal information. Device users are being advised to pay close attention to the barcodes they’re scanning and the pages they click. According to Bitscan, an internet security company from South Korea, QR codes and popular portals such as Daum and…

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The best practices for the secure use of QR codes

QR codes Security

Quick response codes are becoming popular among both mobile marketers and consumers, but malware is becoming a concern. As with virtually every other form of online technology, mobile barcodes are now falling victim to misuse by malicious individuals and companies that are beginning to use it as a new form of cyber attack. QR codes are inexpensive for brands and retailers and simple and convenient for smartphone using consumers, allowing them to gain instant access to apps to be downloaded, informational or mobile commerce websites, email list subscriptions, videos, or…

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Anti-counterfeit technology could make QR codes safer for consumers

QR Codes Security

As QR codes become a more integrated part of society, the risks they present to consumers is becoming more noticeable. Malicious codes have been appearing all over the world. These codes often link to mobile websites that contain viruses or other dubious content. Six Degrees Counterfeit Prevention, creators of security technologies and strategies, has entered the QR field in the hopes of making codes, and consumers, safer. The company is bringing its innovative encryption technology to the fashion industry, where QR codes are seeing a great deal of use. The…

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