QR codes are being placed under mobile security’s microscope

QR Codes and mobile Security

Murdoch University’s internet security experts have pointed out some worrying facts about the use of quick response codes. As the popularity of QR codes has started to rapidly rise, and as 2014 is being declared the year of the quick response barcode, Murdoch University’s leading online security experts are now placing these black and white squares under the microscope and are asking whether they are as safe to use as they appear. The very nature of the quick response code makes it quite difficult for a user to identify potential…

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AVG releases report to shed light on the mobile security threat environment worldwide

mobile security smartphone kill switch

Leading internet and mobile security provider, AVG Technologies, has unveiled its “AVG Community Powered Threat Report – Q4 2011” which helped to provide a better understanding of the worldwide mobile security threat environment through background information, trend analysis, and insight. Among the most notable elements within the quarterly report is the information that it shared regarding QR code risks, rootkit persistence, and the theft of digital certificates through the bypassing of mobile phone security. Though cybercrime was once simply a matter of vandalizing sites and other elements of the web,…

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