So how will you wear your code?

QR Codes door access Keychain

Spurred by the enormous popularity of smart phones, QR codes are becoming a staple of advertising. They are enabling companies to interact with consumers in a way that was rare before the code’s existence. Consumers, while still not entirely familiar with the codes, have taken a liking to them as well. QR code scanning has increased dramatically over the past year, further proving that the codes are more than novelty. Flexsystems USA, a manufacturer and importer of custom labels based in San Diego, California, has begun offering QR code services…

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Raising awareness with easy barcode scanning technology

  Farmland Dairies is joining the multitude of companies using QR codes as part of their latest promotional campaign to raise consumer awareness. The company, a leading manufacturer of retail and foodservice branded milk and cream, will be using the codes in health clubs throughout the Northwestern U.S. The campaign is to promote their new dairy products that are enriched with fiber and omega-2 fatty acids. Farmland is using static panels in more than 100 health clubs spanning from New York to Connecticut. The panels feature $1-off coupons and a…

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New QR Code Service and Analytics

Paperlinks, a company specializing in context-sensitive marketing for businesses, has announced their latest product that allows businesses created print goods with their own QR codes attached. Calling their product “Paperlinks for Business,” the company hopes to capitalize on the rampant growth of the innovative barcodes. Paperlinks works much the same way as any other QR code generator and their codes can be scanned with any QR scanning application. Companies can try the service for free and can build a construct a custom landing page for their business by dragging and…

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