QR codes at Tesco help consumers to learn more about meat

meat qr codes food

These quick response codes will help shoppers to learn the origin of the products they want to buy. Tesco Lotus has now released a new set of QR codes that have been added to the packs of fresh meat that allows customers to be able to scan them to learn more about the history of the product and trace its origin. This, according to the company’s head of trading law and technical, Pornpen Nartpiriyarat. The system of QR codes at Tesco Lotus will inform consumers about products from the shelves…

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QR codes on label fronts more appealing to marketers than shoppers

QR codes vitamins bottle label example

According to the findings from Doctor’s Best, it is retailers who find the barcodes most attractive. The latest data from the first sixth months of use of the QR codes on the front of the product labels has brought Doctor’s Best – a supplement manufacturer – to the conclusion that retailers find this style of mobile marketing to be more appealing than consumers. This was what they found, despite the fact that the barcodes were geared toward shoppers. Though the QR codes were meant to be used by smartphone carrying…

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QR codes used in pilot program for melon tracking

qr codes watermelon fruit

A new trial by the Pudong Agriculture Association will start labeling produce with the barcodes. The Pudong Agriculture Association in China has just revealed that it will be starting a pilot program in which it will be labeling a specific type of watermelons that are grown locally, using QR codes. The program is slated to begin in May as a part of a larger pilot geared toward improving food safety. The intention will be to use QR codes on labels for 300,000 watermelons that are grown in the area. They…

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