QR codes at Woolworths connect customers with farmers

QR code tracing fruit

The Meet the Grower program at the supermarket chain will help consumers find out where their food comes from. The massive grocery store chain in Australia, Woolworths, has just announced that it has started a program using QR codes to give its shoppers the opportunity to learn more about where the fresh fruits and vegetables they are purchasing have been sourced and who is behind growing them. The program started on July 1 and will continue onward, growing throughout the rest of the year. By scanning the QR codes, customers…

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QR codes successfully used by Evans Cycles for in store experience

Mobike qr codes bicycle

Scanning the barcodes using a smartphone can provide details and reviews about the products. Evans Cycles has just joined a group of successful companies that are using QR codes and other mobile friendly techniques to help to improve its in store experience by providing shoppers with more information through the use of their smartphones. Though many have had their doubts in this technology, but it has been proving itself over and over again. All of the Evans Cycles stores now have QR codes posted inside to help customers to be…

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QR codes empower consumers through their mobile devices

QR codes in mobile commerce

Smartphone scanning technology has been giving shoppers the ability to browse and checkout more independently. Through the common use of technologies such as QR codes, mobile commerce has started to make its way even further into the in-store shopping experience than it ever has before. Consumers are using their devices as they shop in a store and companies can use barcodes to guide their behaviors. Retailers and other merchants across the country have been coming up with their own unique uses for QR codes, which allow them to step into…

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QR codes provide exclusive Bond No. 9 fragrance access

qr codes perfume sample

This newly released fragrance will be available only via mobile commerce through barcode scans. The latest unique use of QR codes has been revealed by Laurice Rahme, with the release of her latest fragrance, Bond No. 9, which will be available for purchase only through scans of the barcodes. This unique step has been taken into the mobile commerce channel for a number of reasons. The fragrance decided to take on a “digital” scent that can be purchased only through scans of QR codes to access the mobile web. The…

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