4ORT QR code scores patent for world’s first “fraud-free” dynamic quick response code

Docker Image Security

The 4ORT has incorporated a panted algorithm into static QR codes. The 4ORT QR code features a globally patented algorithm that can tell if unauthorized access is being attempted through tailgating. The algorithm, which is integrated into a static quick response code, makes certain that a mobile user’s unique identities are securely stored within the code. This security measure makes duplication by fraudsters all but impossible. The user’s digital identity cannot be copied and is securely hidden within the code. Cape Town-based 4ORT uses its homegrown IP (Intellectual Property) to…

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QR code lawsuit aimed at Bath & Body Works for patent infringement

Bath & Body Works QR Code Lawsuit

A Texas company alleges that the retailer is guilty of unauthorized use of patented technology. Texas company, Symbology Innovations LLC, has filed a QR code lawsuit against Bath & Body Works, alleging that its patent has been infringed upon. The complaint, is U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida Case number 6:16-cv-02197. Symbology Innovations alleges that a recent unauthorized QR code ad by Bath & Body Works infringed on patents. The QR code lawsuit point out that Symbology was issued the ownership of patents ‘752, ‘773, ‘369 and…

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QR codes could help to overcome subscriber anonymity issue

qr codes thumb

A company called Emida has announced that it has made a discovery that could be of interest to MVNOs and prepaid operators. Among the concerns that have been raised in many markets is that when mobile numbers are given to clerks in order to top-up prepaid wireless phone service accounts, there is an anonymity issue that can act as a barrier, but Emida now hopes to use QR codes to overcome that problem. This concern has slowed the spread of direct top-up (DTU) services which could be important to many…

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Patents for keyless QR codes locking systems being sold

R codes unlock cell phone wearable technology

ICAP Patent Brokerage is selling the patents that use quick response codes and smartphones for locks. In a recent press release, ICAP Patent Brokerage had revealed that it would be selling a number of patents that disclose a type of system and a method for controlling locks (such as in the case of business, home, and hotel doors) that use QR codes and smartphones. This technology would eliminate the requirement for traditional metal keys or plastic programmable cards. The patents that use these QR codes as a part of the…

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QR codes tech patent granted to Viscount Systems

QR Codes door access Keychain

This new technology makes it possible for smart mobile devices to provide advanced physical access control. Software company with a focus on logical and physical security solutions, Viscount Systems Inc. has recently announced that it has been awarded a patent for its QR codes technology (U.S. Patent 8941465 B2). That patent allows quick response codes to be used to gain physical access control through devices like smartphones. This patent is a component of its greater Freedom Access Control Solution. It makes it possible for the easy and affordable technology behind…

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