QR codes to be further rolled out by Pernod Ricard

QR Codes on Wine

The success of the launch in China has led the company to expand the quick response codes program. Pernod Ricard has announced that it intends to broaden its existing program of QR codes used to fight the problem of counterfeit products, sending it into the African and South American Markets. The company has previously enjoyed considerable successes following the program launch in China. The French company’s spirits have been labeled in China in the first wave of the program that used QR codes on approximately 25 million bottles, so far.…

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QR codes added to nautical charts from UK Hydrographic Office

qr codes nautical map

The UKHO has included quick response codes on their standard paper charts. The UK Hydrographic Office has now added smartphone friendly QR codes to the standard features of its standard nautical charts, making it possible for the users of their paper versions to be able to use their tablets or smartphones to be able to access additional status information. Through the use of the quick response codes, the user will gain access to more up to date data. Scanning the QR codes redirects the users to the page that is…

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QR codes enhance College Athletic Department

emerson college qr codes sports

This new quick response system at Emerson College will reduce the need for program printing. Emerson College has become the latest educational institution to discover the practical benefits of using QR codes, as their Athletic Department has now implemented them to help to reduce the need for printing out programs. As smartphones and tablets have become very common, so have quick response code scans. This has allowed organizations such as marketers, brands, and even schools to be able to use QR codes to bridge the gap between the real world…

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QR codes stamped onto paper money leaps the Chinese firewall

QR codes chinese bank notes

Residents of China have found a surprising way to sidestep censorship through bank notes. It has recently been reported that a series of one yuan bills have been stamped with QR codes with writing underneath that translates to “Scan and download software to break the Internet firewall.” These quick response codes are being found on paper money already in circulation. The QR codes were first spotted on money on January 12 when a Mrs. Wu from Wuhan received a one yuan note with a quick response code in its corner…

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QR codes in Wales help visitors with place name pronunciation

tourism qr codes

These quick response codes also allow smartphone users to figure out how to say phrases and words in Welsh. Visitors to Wales have always loved to see the stunning sites and locations throughout the region, but have traditionally struggled with pronunciations – that is, until they had new QR codes to scan and guide them in the right direction. This very simple to use mobile device technology makes visitors a scan away from knowing how to say site names. A new tourism program has been implemented in Wales that uses…

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QR codes earned a college student nearly $25k

qr codes bitcoin

Simply by waving a sign with a quick response code in the air while in an ESPN crowd, donations were made. On ESPN’s “College GameDay”, which is a college football program from the station that is filmed every week at a different college campus, a student held up a sign featuring QR codes, the words “Hi Mom. Send” and a Bitcoin logo. This was all it took to have thousands of people interested in finding out where the barcode led. The QR codes clearly led to a Bitcoin wallet, so…

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QR codes considered for tombstones in Arlington National Cemetery

arlington national cemetery qr codes

Though quick response codes have been becoming increasingly common on gravestones, they are not permitted here. Although cemeteries are hardly known for being high tech, using the latest cutting edge technologies, QR codes have been changing that in some places across the country as these scannable barcodes have been added to tombstones. In fact, quick response codes have been a growing trend in cemeteries around the world. When QR codes were added to a war memorial cemetery in Wales, with the Duke of Kent attending the unveiling of WWI barcodes…

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QR codes may alter the face of home sales

QR code real estate sale

Real estate could considerably change through the use of these easy to scan barcodes. The smartphone friendly two dimensional barcodes known as QR codes are making their way into a rapidly growing number of spaces, and they have been establishing quite a presence for themselves in the area of real estate. These barcodes are providing home sellers an easy way to provide buyers with more information. Though the amount of information that can be posted on a “for sale” sign is very limited, real estate agents have been doing their…

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QR codes used to next generation medical bracelet

mhealth qr codes

QR codes are not just marketing tools QR codes are most often seen in magazines and newspapers as part of advertisements designed to engage mobile consumers. They have been quite effective in this purpose and have managed to become a staple for marketers that operate in the mobile space. One of the reasons QR codes have become so successful in the marketing field is because of their ability to quickly distribute information. This particular quality could prove to be advantageous in the field of health care. ENDEVR introduced new coded…

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QR codes in Boone County, Kentucky, win library award

qr codes museum tourism

History associate, Kaitlin Barber has been awarded with the top prize for her barcode project. Kaitlin Barber, a history associate for the Boone County Public Library has now received an award from the Kentucky Historical Society for her project using QR codes in order to enhance the ability of locals and guests to the area to be able to learn about the county’s history. The project used barcodes to be able to link physical locations throughout the country to digital information. The use of the QR codes added a high…

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QR codes out and scannable images are in at Louis Vuitton

no qr codes louis vuitton

The luxury designer brand has changed their advertising to take out the visually unappealing barcodes. Despite the fact that Louis Vuitton has taken QR codes out of its print advertising, it is still maintaining the scannability of its ads by making it possible for smartphone and tablet users to scan the entire image instead of just a little barcode. The design house feels that the look of the barcodes was not an appealing part of their advertising. Though the QR codes do provide the opportunity for consumers to be able…

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