QR code money transfers allow Chinese panhandlers to accept mobile payments

begging panhandling qr code money

As China progresses toward a cashless society, people begging for money won’t be limited to change. A new way of accepting QR code money transfers will give new options to panhandlers in China. Individuals begging for change have found that as the country becomes increasingly cashless, fewer people have cash handy to give. A growing number of people in China have been using mobile payments, reducing the cash they carry. As a result panhandlers have found that people who would otherwise give them money don’t have any change handy to…

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QR codes stamped onto paper money leaps the Chinese firewall

QR codes chinese bank notes

Residents of China have found a surprising way to sidestep censorship through bank notes. It has recently been reported that a series of one yuan bills have been stamped with QR codes with writing underneath that translates to “Scan and download software to break the Internet firewall.” These quick response codes are being found on paper money already in circulation. The QR codes were first spotted on money on January 12 when a Mrs. Wu from Wuhan received a one yuan note with a quick response code in its corner…

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Sweden to adopt QR coded banknotes

QR codes on money

World’s first banknotes to feature QR codes Last year, the Royal Dutch Mint, the Netherlands’ issuer of coins, introduced the world to QR coded coins. These coins featured small QR codes that could be scanned by a smart phone or other mobile device. When scanned, the codes would direct people to a mobile website where they could find information on the Royal Dutch Mint and what went into making the coins. Though this was the world’s first glimpse at QR code currency, it would not be the last. Now, the…

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