Yapital updates mobile payments app with new feature

wallet qr code transactions mobile payments

New feature brings more convenience to mobile commerce service Yapital, a mobile commerce firm, has added a “one click” purchase feature to its mobile application. The application allows users to make purchases from the mobile devices at physical stores and online. These mobile commerce applications tend to operate like digital wallets, storing financial information and other data and allowing it to be used in a convenient fashion. The new feature will allow Yapital users to make purchases from printed advertising media. Yapital now supports QR codes as a mobile payments…

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QR codes empower consumers through their mobile devices

QR codes in mobile commerce

Smartphone scanning technology has been giving shoppers the ability to browse and checkout more independently. Through the common use of technologies such as QR codes, mobile commerce has started to make its way even further into the in-store shopping experience than it ever has before. Consumers are using their devices as they shop in a store and companies can use barcodes to guide their behaviors. Retailers and other merchants across the country have been coming up with their own unique uses for QR codes, which allow them to step into…

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QR codes finally have official NACHA bill payment guidelines

QR codes mobile billing

The long awaited regulations for paying electronic bills have now been issued. The Council for Electronic Billing and Payment (CEBP) from the Electronic Payments Association has now issued their final guidelines for the inclusion and use of QR codes in consumer bill payments. These guidelines were a collaborative effort between CEBP and the input of the industry. The new guidelines provide a description of the user of QR codes in a number of different functions for consumer bill payments, such as viewing invoices, enrolling for electronic billing, making payments to…

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QR codes get new standards in mobile commerce

QR Codes

QR codes breaking into the mobile commerce realm QR codes have long been powerful marketing tools for advertisers looking to engage mobile consumers. The codes have been growing beyond the boundaries of marketing, however, and have been entering the realm of mobile commerce. QR codes are becoming more common throughout the world in their association with “pop-up” stores and are being used by retailers to sell products directly to consumers. In the U.S., this practice is becoming so common that the need for guidelines and standards for the use of…

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Hointer leverages QR codes to sell jeans

QR Codes shopping for men

Hointer brings QR codes to men’s fashion Hointer, a new tech-savvy clothing retailer, has opened its first branch in Seattle, Washington. The store caters to men’s fashion by selling a wide variety of jeans. While the opening of a new clothing store is rarely a noteworthy event, Hointer is significantly different from traditional retailers. The store in Seattle has no checkout stands, no cash registers, no sales associates, and only one pair of jeans for every brand that the store represents. Retailer uses QR codes to sell products Hointer is…

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