QR codes from Taco Bell prove popular

Taco Bell QR codes

The smartphone friendly barcodes managed to bring in approximately 225,000 scans from consumers. Taco Bell has just released the results of the QR code scans that it generated through its ESPN College Football campaign that it held for the Bowl Championship Series and revealed that the barcodes were scanned 225,000 times. This represents a tremendous success for the use of the barcodes on their product packages. The QR codes were found on a number of their 12 pack taco boxes, as well as other items such as their soda cups.…

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M-commerce services at Davids will be powered by Payair

QR codes smartphone

This new mobile campaign will include QR codes on ads and billboards. Davids, a Swedish electric device retailer, has just granted a contract to the mobile payments service called Payair in order to help the company to upgrade its mobile commerce experience for consumers. The two businesses will work together to offer an enhanced shopping experience over smartphones. This new agreement will give Davids the opportunity for integration of the mobile commerce service from Payair, in order to allow consumers a far broader m-commerce shopping experience from the comfort of…

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QR codes used to target male consumers

QR codes jeans

Hointer has announced that smartphone barcodes will help men to shop more easily. An apparel company in Seattle has seen the use of QR codes as an opportunity to help to overcome the struggle many men face with their dislike for shopping and for finding it inconvenient. The company has applied the smartphone friendly barcodes to help make it easy to buy jeans. The store is called Hointer and they have prioritized the male consumer as they represent a very important demographic of shoppers that is being under targeted. The…

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QR codes undergo unique new enhancements through Trumpia

QR Codes check in

The multi-channel software provider for marketing solutions has launched all new barcode features. Leader in web-based multi-channel marketing and messaging solutions, Trumpia, has announced that its offerings now include enhancements to QR codes in order to provide their customers with more flexibility for their mobile marketing campaigns. Customers will now be able to update and change the content connected to their barcodes. This allows the same QR codes to be usable by customers over time. For example, if the barcode is meant to provide mobile users with access to information…

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QR codes app from ScanLife makes sharing easier

ScanLife Holiday QR Codes Contest

A new integrated application gives users the opportunity to “like” their favorite barcode scans. A brand new version of the ScanLife app has been released just in time for the start of the holiday shopping season, allowing smartphone and tablet users to “like” certain barcode scans and instantly create wish lists on their favorite social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. The goal is to make it easier to discover the very best barcodes and the products associated with them. This new feature is only one of a series that…

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