The Road Code may cause further struggles in the future of QR codes

Road Code

QR codes have been struggling with a great deal of bad press attention recently due to some of the limitations associated with them, prompting the creation of The Road Code, by Paul Brocky and Tom Catuosco, which may put a dent in QR code popularity. The Road Code is aimed at consumers who are on the go, making information sharing much easier, safer, and more effective than it is through the use of QR codes. It provides users with free 4-character numeric codes with which they can create their own…

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Camden Riversharks uses custom QR codes as part of a ticket selling mobile marketing campaign

QR Code with Logo

The Camden Riversharks have announced the details of their latest mobile marketing campaign, which will include a custom QR code, as well as a mobile website, and text message ads, all geared toward selling more tickets for the All-Star Game for the Atlantic League which will be played this season at Campbell’s Field. Advanced Telecom Services developed this unique barcode, which has received the CNN Money magazine recognition of being among the “23 Coolest QR codes”. This is only a part of what is expected to be a growing mobile…

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Providing a unique dining experience is just a scan away!

Mobile technology is beginning to influence the way more businesses function. As technology becomes more advanced, companies have to account for changes trends and expectations. Failing to do so could mean the inability to compete in a field that is becoming more reliant on mobile devices. QR codes, in particular, are becoming a vital marketing tool. While the codes have been used by a number of industries for many years now, the restaurant business has only recently taken to using the codes. Radisson Edwardian, one of the most prestigious hotel…

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Kodak jumps into the QR code craze

Kodak is expected to make an announcement within the coming days regarding their plans to incorporate QR codes into their marketing efforts. The codes will be put to use on packaging for Kodak’s various products, giving consumers a chance to further interact with the company via the content linked to the codes. The company has already developed mobile sites and videos that will be used with the campaign. QR codes have established their place in marketing as a number of businesses have experienced success through their use. The codes present…

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Business is Good!

Scanlutions, a mobile marketing solutions company, is teaming with 3GVision, a leader in mobile barcode reading and advanced image processing technologies, to launch the i-nigma. The i-nigma platform is a comprehensive 1d and 2d barcode management system and the team is hoping that it will bring QR codes into the mainstream in the U.S. 3GVision developed the i-nigma platform some time ago and it has seen use worldwide in a variety of different industries. Pairing with Scanlutions will bring their platform into the spotlight as the company will use it…

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