Orange QR unveils new tracking software for QR codes

Orange QR Website Snapshot

Orange QR has announced the release of its new tracking software for QR codes, called the Code Tracking Generator, that allows mobile device users to better manage and track the barcodes that they have used. Orange QR is already known for providing access to its search feature for free, so that people can discover more about QR codes and their readers. This new tracking software addresses the fact that while the codes are simple to implement, scan, and use, it is challenging for companies to be able to manage and…

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ConnectMe QR unveils its editor for barcodes and mobile sites

ConnectMe QR, a mobile marketing company, has just unveiled its new subscription service for a QR code package, as well as its mobile website. These new services are expected to receive a significant boost with the update of their advanced QR code and mobile site editor, called mCard. This is designed to help small businesses and individuals to create, maintain, and manage their own mobile marketing sites, providing them with the opportunity to compete within the mobile marketplace, which is an arena that is currently dominated primarily by large corporations.…

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Eenox launches new QR code management service called Qube

Eenox, a web technology startup founded in 2011, has launched a new QR code management service called Qube. As QR codes become more widely known amongst consumers, companies are starting to see how important it is to keep control of their QR codes. Code management services are not especially new to the world of QR codes, but many are quite similar to one another. Qube aims to be different through the use of emerging geolocation technologies that will help companies learn how to place their codes effectively. The service utilizes…

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Codee Software announces the release of its QR code product business edition

Small Business Mobile ad success marketing

Codee Software Inc. has announced that it has launched its first business product, which is called the Codee Business Edition and will help small and medium size companies to manage their QR code campaigns. The complete package includes the generation of QR codes, as well as analytics for their scans, and the management of mobile content of 10 unique barcodes. Moreover, it includes an unlimited number of monthly QR code scans. The product is aimed at companies that are hoping to take part in the m-commerce marketplace, which is currently…

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Newly launched ScanTip offers real-time NFC tag and QR code scan alerts

Mobile Marketing

Connection hub startup, Kimtag has announced the release of its ScanTip product which provides complete integration of a real-time email alert system for scans of NFC tags and QR codes. ScanTip integrates fully into the Kimtag connection sharing system, which means that its users will now be capable of choosing to receive instant notification of all of the scans made of both their NFC tags and their QR codes. Kimtag Plus and all other Management License products include the ScanTip feature so that it can be easily enabled and controlled…

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Mindshare Technologies announces more user-friendly QR code feature

Mobile Marketing Analytics

Mindshare Technologies has announced the launch of a new QR code feature that is very user friendly, and that this will be the latest addition to its enterprise feedback management platform, which has been called one of the best in the industry. This new support for QR codes makes it possible for Mindshare’s clients to provide a simple method for their customers to give immediate feedback about their experience with the business and the products. The QR codes connect the customer with a mobile optimized survey that can be accessed…

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QR codes will soon reach omnipresence

QR Code Analytic Company

Quick response codes (QR codes) are not a new technology, but until mobile commerce found its place through the use of smartphones, the use of the barcodes had not been widespread. Now, as smartphones have become extremely common, QR codes are appearing everywhere and marketers are beginning to tap into their true potential. QR codes provide the user with a highly convenient opportunity to gain further information on a certain topic, or to otherwise interact with a company, brand, or offering. With a simple scan of the code using any…

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New app to help businesses manage mobile campaigns

QR Code Analytics

A new mobile application is letting companies manage their QR code campaigns as well as create new, engaging content for their mobile sites. Zappit, a leading QR code campaign management platform, recently launched the application of the same name. The app lets companies manage their campaigns from the smart phones or other mobile device. As business and mobile technology continues to become entangled, the ability to keep track of marketing campaigns has become invaluable. Zappit allows companies to keep track of real time engagement activity, customize mobile websites connected to…

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Email…just another way to get your QR code out there

QR Codes mobile commerce used by mail service

The mobility of consumers is having a dramatic effect on the digital world. Before smart phones really became popular, the Internet was a mostly passive experience. Now, companies have to make changes to their websites and other digital content to better accommodate mobile users. If websites are not optimized for mobile viewing, consumers are likely to pass them by, unwilling to devote the time necessary to navigate the large, cumbersome pages on their mobile device. Companies have also had to find new ways to connect with mobile consumers, leading them…

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Why pay to generate a QR code when you can get it for free!

Free QR code

Crouser & Associates, a business consultation firm, has published a new survey of the printing industry. The firm studied the operations of 124 printers from around the U.S., paying special attention to the company’s pricing policy on their QR code services. The survey found that 50% of printers charge for code generation, with prices ranging from $5 to $500. Only 25% do not charge for generating the codes, with another 17% considering fees in the future. As QR codes have become more popular in the marketing and social world, many…

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