Spektacle Magazine releases new QR code broadcasting book

Unique QR Code

Spektacle Magazine has announced the release of a new book entitled “Broadcasting on Paper” which is designed to help print media such as newspapers and magazines to provide their readers with exciting new features based on QR codes. The book shows a number of ways in which a QR code campaign can be created, using step-by-step instructions, which include everything from selecting the best form and design of barcode to use, to deciding how to make them visually appealing, and then managing the codes that have already been created. The…

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QR code magazine launched in France, marking a transition in traditional print media

*Video in French As QR codes continue to penetrate the print industry, more magazines have begun making use of the codes for more than just marketing. Some magazine publishers have taken to using the codes to link to online content, but only very few have gone so far as to fill their entire magazine with the barcodes. Frabrice Le Peutrec, an entrepreneur from France, has created a new magazine that is almost exclusively comprised of QR codes. The magazine is named QweekR. The new, bi-weekly 16-page magazine features a multitude…

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QR codes mark the beginning of new fashion magazine Meets Obsession

QR Code Art

The creator of Twitter’s notorious Fail Whale, Yiying Lu, has been tapped to provide illustrations for the first issue of Meets Obsession magazine. The magazine is a new fashion publication whose focus revolves around pop culture and avant garde fashion and music. Lu’s will be adding hand-drawn QR codes to his illustrations of noted fashion icons. Not only will the codes add a certain mystique to the magazine; they will also serve to make the experience more dynamic for the reader. Meets Obsession aims to bring a bititng edge to…

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