QR codes may be dethroned by SnapTags

SnapTag QR Codes

SnapTags may serve as a powerful alternative to QR codes Despite criticism regarding their appearance, QR codes remain a powerful tool in the realm of marketing. Advertisers have shown favor for QR codes because of the codes’ ability to connect with consumers in a dynamic fashion. The codes are particularly effective at catching the attention of mobile consumers, those that use their mobile devices heavily in their daily lives. For many advertisers, and consumers, QR codes still represent a visual oddity, which can often impair their performance. As such, advertisers…

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QR codes empower consumers through their mobile devices

QR codes in mobile commerce

Smartphone scanning technology has been giving shoppers the ability to browse and checkout more independently. Through the common use of technologies such as QR codes, mobile commerce has started to make its way even further into the in-store shopping experience than it ever has before. Consumers are using their devices as they shop in a store and companies can use barcodes to guide their behaviors. Retailers and other merchants across the country have been coming up with their own unique uses for QR codes, which allow them to step into…

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QR codes from IMI provide immediate information to consumers

QR Code Analytics

The barcodes displayed on ads offer faster, direct access to product info. Industrial Magnetics, Inc. (IMI) has unveiled its new product advertisements featuring QR codes that allow smartphone using consumers to rapidly obtain additional information about the company’s products by way of its website. The quick response barcodes are compatible with any smartphone or tablet device. By scanning the QR codes in the IMI ads, consumers are automatically directed to the relevant product page on the company website. It eliminates the need for the individual to have to type the…

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