QR codes enhance the car rental experience

Car NFC technology key

The barcodes, combined with a mobile commerce website, make things easier for customers. Enterprise Holdings has just announced that they have launched their new mobile friendly ONRAMP Concierge, which is a 24/7 travel guide service that is based on the use of QR codes in almost a million vehicles. The barcodes will be found in Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car, and National Car Rental vehicles. This service will provide car rental customers with the ability to easily locate and gain directions to local attractions, as well as obtain information…

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Godaddy Super Bowl QR code advertising brings record sales

QR code used in commercials

According to a GoDaddy press release following its hyped commercials that included QR codes that was run during Super Bowl Sunday, the company broke its own sales records. According to its statement, GoDaddy said that the QR code that was featured in their add generated the “best mobile website traffic…ever.” It also explained that it experienced a notable increase in the registrations for .CO domain names both over the entire weekend and throughout the football game’s broadcast. According to Akamai Technologies, an internet usage monitoring firm, there was a sharp…

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Faulty QR codes could give consumers a bad experience with marketing campaigns

QR Code Marketing

The popularity of QR codes continues to grow at a rapid pace. Tech-savvy consumers have certainly taken notice. While the response to the codes has been largely favorable, these technology conscious consumers are also noticing that many companies are not using the codes as well as they should be. Such is the case with Bill Cosby’s new book I Didn’t Ask To Be Born (But I’m Glad I Was). The book features a QR code on its back cover that some readers have found troublesome. When scanned with a smart…

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AptGeek launches new QR code service for app developers allowing them to make tiny business cards


AptGeek Technologies, a mobile technology company based in Quebec, Canada, has launched a new website that could become of great use to app developers. The site – App2Card.com – allows users to design business cards that resemble the shape of mobile application icons. The cards are quite small, being roughly 1.25 square inches overall. The front of the cards will display the icon of a particular app and the back will have a QR code, which will be embedded with a bit.ly web address. When scanned, the QR code resolves…

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UNICEF adopts QR codes for this year’s orange box campaign


The United Nations Children’s Fund, most commonly known as UNICEF, will be making some changes to their annual orange box campaign this Halloween. The organization has been using the orange box campaign since 1953 and has raised more than $164 million in that time. UNICEF has taken note of the growing popularity of smart phones and has decided to enter the digital realm in hopes of raising more funds. To this end, the organization will be plastering QR codes on their iconic orange boxes. When scanned with a smart phone,…

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New options offered with mobile platform service

Zoria Media, a web design firm based in Rhode Island, has announced their latest service which caters to the emerging mobile industry. Citing some 70 million smart phone users in the United States as the driving factor of this new service, Zoria Media is looking to help companies make websites that are friendlier for mobile viewing. The design firm will be using QR codes as one of the promotional tools used for new mobile websites. Dubbed EazyMobile, the service offers a number of design options for companies looking to appeal…

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An educated consumer is a better consumer

Classic Salads QR Code Campaign

The organic food industry has is becoming increasingly integrated with the digital world. Many growers are establishing their presence on social networking sites, hoping to appeal to a new generation that is increasingly health and environmentally conscious. As mobile technology begins to play a more integral role in connect with today’s consumers, companies are opting to bridge the gap between their online presence and physical product. Classic Salads LLC, a leading supplier of baby leaf salads, has announced that they will be using QR codes as part of their retail…

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