QR codes help students learn to garden

qr codes gardening plants

Fifth graders from Sangster Elementary are teaching kindergarteners about growing plants. Sangster Elementary has created a unique digital program that allows fifth graders to use digital presentations to be accessed by way of QR codes, to be able to show kindergarteners some of the basics that they need to know about gardening. The children then learned what would be required to plant flowers and vegetables in a real garden. The various specific plants were selected so that the kindergarteners would be able to scan the QR codes and learn how…

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QR codes used to help smartphone users learn about Nobel Prize winners

qr codes chemistry periodic table

A newly designed smartphone friendly barcode project allows people to learn about the prizes in Chemistry. Thanks to a brand new project that is receiving considerable online attention, QR codes are being used to give consumers the ability to use their smartphones or tablets to gain instant information about people who have received the Nobel Prize. The project uses the barcodes to share 110 years of information regarding this top science award. The QR codes are printed on a new poster that, when scanned, provide device users with information about…

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QR codes used for active learning travel workbook in South Korea

QR codes learning

Breeze & Bridge has announced the creation of a new smartphone and tablet friendly education experience. Breeze & Bridge Co. Ltd. has just announced the upcoming launch of its active learning travel workbook in South Korea that uses QR codes to enhance the educational experience that will become available this week. The release of this latest workbook follows three months after another success with the barcodes. The new product edition will become available on August 23, three months after the first launch of their QR’s Jolly – Gyeongju, which successfully…

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QR codes enhance learning at Iowa school

QR codes school library smartphone barcodes

The barcodes are being used to increase interactions in the lessons being taught to elementary school students. Van Meter Elementary, an Iowa school, is using QR codes to help to make learning more interactive for its students during their technology and library times throughout the week. By scanning the barcodes, the students are directed to specific websites relevant to the topics. Located near Des Moines, the school is moving forward with technology that will allow its students to scan QR codes in order to be able to view book reports…

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QR codes used in Wisconsin elementary school for book recommendations

QR codes book school mobile shopping

Fifth graders from the Woodside Elementary School are using barcodes to recommend their favorites. A new project involving the fifth grade students from Woodside Elementary School in Sussex, Wisconsin, has allowed the children to use QR codes to identify their book recommendations at the local public library. The school is using the barcodes to let students share their opinions about books with the community. The Pauline Haass Public Library now features the QR codes within the children’s area. This allows members of the community to visit the library and use…

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