New QR code gravestones project in Turkey gives headstones a tech update

QR code gravestones - Image of Cemetery

The quick response barcodes help to share more about the deceased person, and who they were. QR code gravestones have started popping up in Turkey, where a project is becoming increasingly popular to help commemorate those who have died. The same barcodes on menus and printed bills are now also providing a link to multimedia remembrances. Just as a pandemic affected world has seen the return of these barcodes to help people to complete more activities in a contactless way, new strategies are being developed to use them in other…

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QR codes added to Minnesota company’s headstones

qr code tombstone site

This new high tech cemetery is hoping to create an enhanced way to memorialize those who have passed away. There is a trend that has been starting to grow in cemeteries throughout the world, which has involved the use of QR codes on headstones in order to be able to better memorialize those who have died and who are buried on their grounds. This trend has made its way into Minnesota, where a cemetery is now offering this feature to its customers. The point to adding the QR codes to…

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QR codes have now made their way onto Canadian gravestones

QR codes headstone

Quick response codes are making their way onto headstones in countries around the world. Funeral homes across the United States and in Europe have been announcing new features that allow QR codes to be added to grave markers, and this smartphone friendly memorial technique has just become available in Canada. These barcodes give an interactive quality to the headstones that mark a buried individual in a cemetery. These QR codes can be scanned by individuals with smartphones or tablets in order to view a tribute webpage that provides more information…

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QR codes appearing on headstones produced by a Philadelphia business

QR Codes on headstones

These barcodes are joining the memorial trend that allow visitors to discover more about the deceased. Though most users of smartphones first learned about QR codes in the context of marketing, promotional materials, and product packaging so that they could learn about products and discounts, a company in Philadelphia is now taking this technology to the memorial industry. This trend has been popping up all over the United States and in some parts of Europe. The company is called Digital Legacy, and it produces stickers that display QR codes on…

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QR codes are gaining strength in numbers

QR Codes fitness

There has been a growing amount of creativity in how QR codes are being used. Though it took a while for them to catch on, QR codes are now appearing just about everywhere, from more common product packages to increasingly unique and unusual spots. From shop windows to print ads, and even gravestones, these barcodes are appearing everywhere we look. Quick response codes are becoming quite the common sight on flower pots, pizza boxes, an even produce stickers at the supermarket. If you use a smartphone to scan the plant…

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