QR codes are becoming more common on fruits and vegetables

QR codes potatoes vegetables

Produce suppliers are beginning to use quick response codes to label their products. According to supermarket expert and founder of SupermarketGuru.com, Phil Lempert, produce suppliers who do not use QR codes are missing a considerable opportunity to communicate with consumers in terms of nutritional data, recipes, contests and promotions, and other areas that could engage shoppers and encourage them to buy. These barcodes have made their way into mainstream packaging for processed foods. This has allowed consumers to use their smartphones in order to allow them to use the internet…

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Italian QR code stickers bring watermelons into mobile commerce


This quick response barcode fruit label provides consumers with a wealth of information. Malvasi Agostino, an Italian fruit producer, is adding QR code stickers to its baby watermelons called Cuoredolce, in an effort to provide consumers with more information about the product and encourage them to make more informed decisions. These barcodes can be scanned with smartphones to discover more about the fruit. The company is based in Poggio Rusco, whichis located in the Mantova, Italy area and produces a number of different watermelon varieties. It is the Cuoredolce baby…

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Ontario Tender Fruit Producers Marketing Board labels product with QR codes

qr codes on fruit produce

Canadian produce marketers take advantage of mobile technology for improved packaging information. Fruit from Ontario will soon be sporting a new kind of packaging feature, as the growers of tender fruit in that Canadian province include the use of QR codes in their packaging, to provide consumers with more information about the products they are purchasing. The Ontario Tender Fruit Producers Marketing Board has announced the creation and availability of a new website that can be accessed via URL or through a quick response code that is easily scanned with…

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