QR codes used by RAAW foods for free giveaway

Cas Haley QR Codes

The non-GMO fruit and veggie juice company will use the barcodes to give a holiday gift. RAAW Foods, a fruit and vegetable juice company that has been non-GMO verified, has announced that it will be using QR codes for a free holiday season present for customers. Scanning the code shares an original Christmas song called “Gifts to Give” by Cas Haley. The QR codes can be found on the Strawberry Purple Carrot juice product by the company. They will be displayed on the label so that customers who purchase the…

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TagMyDoc service launches, enabling tech-savvy individuals to stamp a QR code on their documents

A new online service has launched for those interested in plastering QR codes on their documents. TagMyDoc aims to help those familiar with QR codes to incorporate the mobile technology into their printed materials, whatever they may be. The service, while still in beta testing, may appeal to both college students and job seekers alike, as it will give these people access to a powerful promotional tool. At present, the service is free, though that may change in the future depending on how successful it ends up becoming. QR codes…

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MEDSEEK launches new initiative to help high-risk patients find doctors

augmented reality Health Care

MEDSEEK, a company devoted to electronic health care, has launched a new service tailored to help hospital markers boost patient engagement. The company, well known for its forays into the digital realm on behalf of the medical community, is now offering to use QR codes to help clients reach out to consumers more effectively. The codes are a popular tool amongst advertisers and have been growing in popularity with consumers. Their ease of use ensures that the codes have a broad appeal, but how useful they will be to the…

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Axicon Services releases QR code upgrade

Oxford based Axicon Services, a leading barcode verification solution provider, has announced the launching of their latest service to make use of QR codes. The codes will be used to better facilitate registration systems for clients, allowing consumers to sign up for services via QR scanning. Axicon’s customers will also be privy to expert advice from the company’s Barcode Bureau. The codes are able to encapsulate a large amount of data in a comparatively small space. While the codes can be generated for free, a number of agencies have emerged…

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