Fashionable QR code jacket uniquely designed to the personality of the wearer

QR Code Jacket - Scan QR Code

QR codes aren’t always a basic pathway to a website or a mobile payment transaction. You’ve likely seen your fair share of QR codes on product labels, business cards, or for making payments, etc., but have you ever seen a personalized QR code jacket? Julie Helles Erikson has done just that, creating a fashionable garment designed to merge the wearers’ physical and digital lives, reports designboom. The garment revels the different personalities of the wearer. The QR code jacket is composed entirely of woven quick response codes. The purpose of…

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QR codes are working their way into fashion

QR codes necktie ties

QR code neckties could represent a new form of mobile marketing instead of business cards. A company called QR Tie is taking the barcodes in the form of QR codes into a new direction by working them directly into men’s neckties that would allow a person’s fashions to link directly to information stored online. The ties come in a number of different styles and allow the wearer to decide when the barcode is visible. Among the styles that are available for the ties featuring QR codes is The Charlie, which…

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QR codes embroidering machine created in the Netherlands

QR codes clothing labels

An embroidery device has made it possible to produce the QR codes in the form of cloth. As QR codes become increasingly popular, companies around the world are coming up with new and unique ways to work them into locations in which they will be scanned by the smartphone carrying public. This now includes an invention that can produce these barcodes to be included in many possible places. LogoBorduurstudio, a company based in Barneveld, The Netherlands, has made it possible to use an embroidery machine that is controlled by a…

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Dita Von Teese weaving QR codes into her clothing line

qr code clothing dress

Dita Von Teese clothing line will feature QR codes Dita Von Teese, an acclaimed costume designer, author, and burlesque dancer, recently launched a new clothing line bearing her famous name. Von Teese has had significant experience in the realm of fashion and this experience reflects in her clothing line, but her designs are meant to be much more interactive than typical clothing. This is because Von Teese is hand sewing QR codes into each of her pieces, hoping to give people a chance to experience something new with her clothing…

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How is the fashion industry using technology these days

The Internet is becoming ever more integrated with reality as technology continues to advance. The ability to be everywhere at any given moment has taken the prestige out of attending popular events in person, particularly in the fashion world. The fashion industry has always been avant-garde, often on the cutting edge of the latest trends whether they are clothing or technology. As technology progresses, the industry is looking to take advantage of everyone’s omnipresence. Earlier this month, Burberry drew a lot of attention by streaming its autumn catwalk show live.…

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