QR codes and barcodes celebrate technology anniversary

USB barcode qr codes

Forty years ago, last week, the first UPC code was scanned on a package of Wrigley gum. The barcode, which is now standard on product packages, first had its start forty years ago, and the first one to be scanned was in Ohio at the Troy supermarket, on a Wrigley gum pack, long before the idea of QR codes and other scannables that can be used with today’s smartphones. Despite the fact that those traditional barcodes have been around for so long, they’re still going strong. Scanning the 10-pack of…

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Visualead ushers in a new generation of QR codes

Visualead QR Codes

QR codes are evolving QR codes are beginning to evolve to meet the needs of consumers and businesses that have a strong interest in dynamic digital content. The codes have become a staple in the marketing field, but are often criticized as being too ugly or boring. This critique is not falling on deaf ears, however, as Visualead, a pioneer in the interactive technology field, works to bring new life to QR codes and change how they are perceived. Visual QR codes continue to gain traction Visualead gained renown through…

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