Scanbuy report shows the growth of QR codes throughout 2011

QR Code Statistics

Scanbuy, a leading 2D mobile marketing company, has released the latest results on the performance of several QR code campaigns that have formed over the past year. The report, called ScanLife Q3 2011 Trend Report, details how well QR code campaigns have fared and in what fields they have seen the most success. According to the report, the popularity of the codes amongst consumers and businesses has skyrocketed this year due to growing awareness of the codes and more effective marketing strategies. The report shows that in the third quarter…

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PayPal is gearing up to expand into the real world with the help of QR codes

Paypal Mobile Payments wearable technology

PayPal, the electronic commerce tycoon, is attempting to move into the offline market by developing new payment technologies that will enable smart phone users to use their mobile device to make purchases. Details about this new model are scarce, as the company attempts to retain some level of secrecy, but what little is known about PayPal’s new scheme is that it involves QR codes. The codes are to be used to add a new dimension to the shopping experience and help facilitate the transition to an economy entirely based on…

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Gaming advertisment linked to unique content is a Win, Win!!

Marketers are always on the lookout for new mediums through which to reach consumers. The gaming community has long been a target for advertisers hoping to take advantage of an inherently interactive environment. Advertisements in games have generally gone unnoticed, usually written off as part of the backgrounds. Marketers are now aiming to make these advertisements more interactive by using QR codes. Lynx, known as AXE in the U.S., is the first British company to launch and in-game marketing campaign that will be targeting the gaming community. The codes will…

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