QR Code Detective: Can customers use your barcodes as they’d like to?

QR Code Detective K-9 Kannon Ball Launcher

Scanning quick response codes is only the start of what they can bring to consumers. Among the most important achievements in the use of a QR code as a part of a marketing strategy is in making sure that smartphone users will actually scan, but that is only the first step, as the consumer must also find the interaction after that point to be interesting, appealing, and relevant. Our investigators looked into three different mobile marketing displays, this week. What our investigators discovered was that there was a wide range…

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QR Code Detective: Are your barcodes making things better?

qr code stamp card

Using quick response codes can provide a range of benefits, but do they offer an improvement over the alternative? There is no mystery to the fact that the use of a QR code can offer a tremendous amount of potential to a mobile marketing campaign, or to the completion of certain processes such as registrations or even bill payments, but the key to getting it right is in making sure that it is providing an option that is easier than the traditional alternative. Why would a consumer scan a quick…

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QR Code Detective: Make your coupons cool!

QR Code Detective Tao Nightclub Coupon

Using quick response codes can help consumers benefit from discount offers without looking “cheap”. At the end of June, our QR code investigators looked into the importance of making sure that a campaign that uses the barcodes is mainstream enough to ensure that people will actually use them, and now they have revisited the topic when it comes to the specific ways in which quick response codes can actually allow marketers to take advantage of other traditional forms of ads and promotion that haven’t received the social nod. This, namely,…

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QR Code Detective: Can you learn from the produce aisle?

QR Code Detective - California Giant Berry Farms

The fruits and veggies in your local supermarket may now be the most high tech items in the store. Although the fruits and vegetables in the produce department of the grocery store may seem like some of the most basic and natural items among the many aisles, the use of a QR code has now become commonplace as growers and distributers, alike are discovering the benefits of what these barcodes can do for sales while a customer is in store and to encourage repeat purchases. These quick response codes can…

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QR Code Detective: Do your customers know why they should scan?

photo booth QR Code

It’s all well and good to print quick response codes on all of your marketing, but are you giving consumers a reason to act? It has reached the point that it has become difficult to make your way through a day without seeing a QR code, and yet many companies are still finding that their mobile marketing campaigns aren’t generating the overwhelming number of scans that they had expected. Are quick response codes dead or have marketers failed to give consumers incentive to scan? Our QR code detectives were out…

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