Temkin Group survey shows 24% of U.S. consumers use QR codes


Awareness of QR codes may be lacking for majority of U.S. consumers, according to new survey. The Temkin Group, a customer experience research and consulting firm, has released the results of its Q1 2012 Consumer Benchmark Survey. The survey concerns the awareness consumers have of QR codes and how they are using them. QR codes have become popular marketing tools with many businesses deciding to adopt them as a means to connect with tech-savvy consumers. While many people have responded well to QR code marketing, the majority of consumers in…

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Ypulse study shows mobile technology is not popular amongst teens

Mobile Technology and Teens

A new study from Ypulse, a marketing and research firm aimed at youth, suggests that teens may be more confused by augmented reality than they are about QR codes. Augmented reality is currently a craze for a number of industries. Game developers and marketers are using the technology to create new experiences for consumers, but their efforts to expose younger people to the technology have not been going well. The study shows that only 11% of high school and college students have used augmented reality mobile application. More have used…

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Survey: Young consumers unable to use codes because they can’t get them to work

QR Codes

More companies are adopting QR codes for their marketing campaigns. The use of the codes most often stems from a need to reach a new generation of consumer that is immersed in mobile technology. Indeed, many retailers have catered their marketing efforts to a specific demographic – consumers between the ages of 14 and 24. A new survey from Youth Pulse, a market research firm specializing in emerging trends among young consumers, notes that most of these marketing campaigns are in vain, as younger people are less likely to scan…

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The future of QR codes lies with young, tech-minded consumers

QR Code mobile commerce emographics

Advertisers have taken to using QR codes to reach a broad audience. According to a new study from comScore, a digital business analysis firm, the codes may only be reaching a select few. A growing number of businesses have begun adopting the codes under the belief that they will be able to reach more consumers. While their efforts have, thus far, been met with success, comScore notes that the future of the codes rests with a very specific demographic. The report shows that the codes are most likely to reach…

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