QR code currency unveiled as Russia boosts anti-counterfeit measures for its cash

QR code currency

The National Mint Goznak and the country’s Central Bank revealed the quick response codes on two bills. The Central Bank of Russia and the National Mint Goznak have unveiled QR code currency bills on both their 200 ruble and 2,000 ruble bills. The front of each of those banknotes now feature a quick response code that can be scanned using a smartphone and barcode reader app. Scanning the QR codes directs the mobile device user to the Central Bank’s official website. That site provides detailed information about the QR code…

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Sweden to adopt QR coded banknotes

QR codes on money

World’s first banknotes to feature QR codes Last year, the Royal Dutch Mint, the Netherlands’ issuer of coins, introduced the world to QR coded coins. These coins featured small QR codes that could be scanned by a smart phone or other mobile device. When scanned, the codes would direct people to a mobile website where they could find information on the Royal Dutch Mint and what went into making the coins. Though this was the world’s first glimpse at QR code currency, it would not be the last. Now, the…

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