QR codes bring thousands of consumers free Xbox One systems

xbox mobile commerce augmented reality

The barcodes were used at a massive event to enter into a contest where the consoles were up for grabs. QR codes took a fun and unexpected center role at the recent PAX Prime 2013, where Mountain Dew and Doritos used the smartphone friendly barcodes to give the attendees the opportunity to win one of thousands of free Xbox One console systems that were being given away for free. The latest in Microsoft’s all-in-one entertainment and gaming systems was a big draw for the brands and their customers. The event…

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QR codes implemented in unique way by Barneys New York

storefront display window QR codes

The clever smartphone barcodes can be found in the display windows of the Ginza location in Tokyo. The Barneys New York store location in Tokyo’s world renowned luxury shopping district called Ginza, has been running a holiday season store display that uses QR codes in a highly unique new way. The design was created by Simon Doonan, a display expert who has been with the company for 25 years. What Doonan managed to do over this season was to develop a display that would incorporate the QR codes through a…

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QR codes used on Arizona Beverages at 7-Eleven boost in-store experience

Arizona drinks QR codes

Smartphone activated mcommerce campaign is expected to generate consumer excitement. Beginning this month, customers at 7-Eleven have been able to use the QR codes on Arizona Beverages on the label of its newest drink flavor in order to become eligible to win a number of different prizes. The Cherry Lime Rickey flavor is brand new and is available exclusively at the convenience chain. By making its new flavor launch at 7-Eleven, Arizona Beverages is piggybacking on the mcommerce success that the convenience store chain has already been experiencing over the…

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Fred Perry teams with Don Letts for QR code powered competition


Acclaimed UK fashion retailer Fred Perry has launched a new campaign that makes used of QR codes. The campaign is meant to promote a competition that was born from the partnership of Fred Perry and filmmaker Don Letts. The competition aims to detail the impact Fred Perry has had on the various UK subcultures since the 1950’s. Those with film footage of this time period are encouraged to submit what they have via the competition’s website, which can be accessed by scanned the QR code associated with the promotional campaign.…

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QR codes find love with local business mobile marketers

QR Code Statistics

Mobile marketing platform, BestBuzz, uses dynamic QR codes in order to provide consumers with various types of rewards while generating hype about different brands using social media, making it a very successful choice for local businesses who used these promotions for this year’s Valentine’s Day. The Valentine’s Day campaigns ran from January 30, right through to the end of February 14, and were designed to have consumers use their mobile devices and the BestBuzz mobile app to scan a special heart-shaped QR code. Scanning the “buzz code” gave the mobile…

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Naturtint USA Drives Consumer Web Traffic with QR Codes

QR Code Contest for Naturtint

Smartphone Codes Let Consumers Easily Find Stores and Enter Contests By scanning Quick Response (QR) codes on mobile devices, consumers can quickly get customized information and special promotions from International Trade Routes, the exclusive importer and distributor of Naturtint® natural permanent hair color in the U.S. Women consumers of fashion and beauty products are embracing these codes that enable instant, direct and efficient communication and engagement. Custom QR codes are being used successfully in ads for the natural permanent hair color appearing this winter in Glamor, Vogue, Elle, Women’s Health,…

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New 2D barcode sweepstakes record set by SHAPE Magazine

Microsoft Tag

Top women’s active lifestyle magazine, SHAPE, has announced the massive success of its mobile sweepstakes that used 2D barcodes… such as QR codes, and Microsoft Tags – which broke previous records of the use of the technology, with almost 400,000 scans. The sweepstakes was detailed in the November issue of the magazine in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the brand. The campaign was created by the mobile marketing company called Nellymoser, and involved an interactive sweepstakes that gave the magazine’s readers the chance to win one of nearly 1000…

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Mall of America announces Black Friday QR code Snap and Win campaign

Mall of America has announced the details of its Snap and Win campaign that will be taking place on Black Friday and that will involve the use of QR codes, which shoppers can scan in the hopes of winning prizes from the various retailers within the mall. The prizes will go out to the first 300 people who scan the code. The purpose of the campaign is to help to boost the awareness of the QR codes among the consumers who use to mall, and to help to drive traffic…

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Giant QR code from Skanz seeks to break world record while offering scanners a chance to win prizes

Big QR Code

Not to be outdone by Hackerspace Charlotte, a art and technology collective based in North Carolina, popular social networking platform Skanz has attempted to build the world’s largest QR code. Just the other day, the team from Hackerspace finished their 10,000 square foot QR code, which is visible from space via satellite imaging. While Hackerspace finished their project before Skanz, the opposing team is sure they will end up with the record breaking code as well as the most popular one, as their code will not simply link to their…

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Sony Music launches new QR code campaign in London

QR Code Campaign Sony

A new QR code campaign has come to the UK at the hands of Sony Music Entertainment. The big-name music company has launched a new campaign to promote new music coming from 11 of the most popular artists under the Columbia record label. The codes will appear in advertisements which will be placed in 100 of London’s famous black cabs. The music industry has been taking to using QR codes in recent times as it has become an effective and inexpensive way to market to key demographics. The advertisements inform…

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Mercedes-Benz prepares to launch interactive contest to mark their 125th birthday

Mercedes QR Codes Campaign

This year marks the 125th birthday of Mercedes-Benz. Through the year, the famed automaker has developed some of the most prized vehicles in the world and has built up an almost immaculate reputation. Known for their extravagance and penchant for showing off their latest development, Mercedes-Benz will be celebrating the occasion with an interactive event. The event is called Mercedes-Benz 125! and is a race that challenges participants to find as many QR codes as they can. The race will take place in Singapore, were 5 Mercedes-Benz vehicles have been…

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